Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes

Hey all, just wanted to give you another update that additional fixes are in the pipeline and Wyze Cam v2, v3, Pan, and Pan v2 all have fixes that are in beta testing right now. This is due primarily to the amazing work that you folks have done gathering all of these logs and all of the context you gave us to help triage. This was a lot of separate issues coming together into one common problem. We really appreciate the help - this community is the best.

I look forward to these updates addressing outstanding issues for everyone, and we’ll keep an eye out after they roll out to the public to make sure everything looks good.


Will this be another forced push firmware update or do we need to opt into it via the normal app method?

These will be standard updates. :slight_smile:

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Any updates on this? I have a 2 v3’s on the same account, both with cam plus. One notifies perfectly, the other not at all with all notification settings on and sensitivity at 70%.

I am also waiting patiently on this update.

I have two V3 cameras and both have Cam Plus licenses. A few weeks ago everything died.

I even went so far as to tear off Cam Plus Lite from my account to see if it’d force the cameras to use Cam Plus. No dice.

I either get no notifications, no AI features, no events, or some mix in between.

Yesterday I got everything working fine. Today it is 12 second clips and no AI features. What will tomorrow bring?!

An ongoing issue that Wyze IS aware of. One that will keep being discussed in Fix it Friday until a solution is developed. The only way for that to happen is if everyone here posts on Fix it Friday.

This notification missing\notification delayed problem is being discussed in multiple thread topics:

My last post on Camera Notification Speed [water-cooler]:

Also discussed on Fix-It Friday 3/4/22:

Also discussed on V3 Delayed Notifications:

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Also discussed on Is anyone else not getting all their notifications:

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I could probably list many more. But, this has not been solved and is continuing to be a problem. As I posted on the Camera Notification Speed topic thread, there is a software\hardware limitation causing the lags and dropped notifications.

Please be active in posting about this on the next Fix It Friday event so that we can get this fixed. Thx!


When I purchased a Plus subscription I no longer receive notifications. This is an important part of a security system. After a week I am already regretting going with Wyze.

What are your event recording, detection, and notification settings? Do you get any event recordings from that camera now? Make sure all filters are removed from the event tab while troubleshooting. And which camplus service? Lite, regular, pro? What camera or cameras are you working with? Firmware version on the cameras? App version on phone? Need as much info as possible for better focused troubleshooting otherwise it’s a shot in the dark. Thanks in advance!

I don’t think it’s my setting because flipping from an Annual Plan to Free Trial in settings is what makes everything work without doing anything.

Cam Plus:
Event Recording: Detects Motion ON, Detect Sound is OFF
Smart Detection: Person Detection Only one selected
Notification: Everything under in-app notification is on, push notifications (including all options under each camera except voice over ip), and text notifications.
Device Notification: The app has notifications turned on.
App Version: 2.28.2 (a24)
All Camera Fireware:

I get event recordings. I have no filters setups. V3 camera. I do get events in the log.

I have got 8 V3s all with the standard CamPlus.

I have turned off everything to do with CamPlus individually in the settings for each of the cameras

I get normal motion event notifications … In fact I get TWO notifications for each event. I tried it to the support team and never heard back from them!

Things are still hosed. Reaching 4 months without a resolution. This is embarrassing for Wyze. This morning’s Wyze lottery is that on some cams, at random, I’ll get an event notification and when I check the Events window in the app I will see the event and it even says how many seconds long the recording is but it won’t play anything. Just shows a still image. This has been going on for weeks not and every day it happens on a different camera.

I hate to sound like a hysterical child but frankly, Wyze sucks. So why do I keep using the products? Because I invested in 7 cams and a full Cam Plus subscription.

Is it too much to ask for my cameras to work and do the things they are supposed to according to how Wyze markets them? Come on Wyze, this is just ridiculous. Fix your stuff guys! Almost 4 months now! I work in IT and if I had an issue like this that was unfixed in 4 months I’d get fired.

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Im in the same boat. This is absolutely ridiculous. Ive asked for a refund for the months it hasnt been working and was told no. I think its time to make this go viral.

Hey there everybody! Yes, it is still useless.

Unless we start tagging Wyze employees running the dev teams in these topics, they are never going to know we are here. They don’t monitor or watch these side discussions unless they are directed to by other staff. That’s why the new release threads, fix it Friday threads, update threads and the like are the only ones with Wyze staff interaction. When the next Fix it Friday thread posts, I am seriously hoping EVERYONE will post loud and clear. We are NOT getting what we paid for! PD has been and still is BROKE. Notifications have been and still are BROKE.

If we can get enough posts on FIF, where we know we have staff review, we might just get their attention. Type it up today and save it so you can just paste it and blast it. If they see 500 posts in the first hour on the subject, we might just get somewhere or at least get their attention.

I am remaining hopeful given the $$ I have invested and the real potential for a product that once worked.

@SlabSlayer I gave a sneak peek in a post last week that we’ve had additional fixes in public beta testing! We’re hoping to roll these firmware updates out to the public in the next few days here as long as no new major issues surface. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you folks.


@WyzeJimmy, thanks for the post here.

Honestly, I have very high hopes for that. I really don’t want it to turn out like the CamPlus Lite rollout fiasco happening on the other forums. Ouch!

But, given that a good portion of the loss in notifications is being caused by the slow interrogation of AI Events by the AI processors past the 6 second threshold, I would think that server expansion upgrades to handle the increased volume would be a solution that would open the bottleneck and ensure smooth processing into the future.

Additionally, since this is a wildly discussed subject amongst many topics and is, and has been, in development to be fixed, it would be nice to see regular status updates on these issues being ‘actively worked’ pinned to the main page so that the many posters in the many topics aren’t guessing as to what is and what isn’t being developed. It certainly would calm many just to see Wyze reporting on progress in a central area. It has been quite some time since this problem was reported and the natives are getting restless. Maybe @UserCustomerGwen could pin something.

I appreciate the update and your dedication toward getting this fixed. I look forward to a brighter future.

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One of the reasons the notifications are coming thru for the simple motion events (no AI) is that they do not need to be run thru the AI interrogation algorithm on the processing server(s). When any motion is detected, there aren’t any computer AI algorithms that need to study the pixels to see if it is something to be concerned with. It is essentially an immediate fire notification.

However, when the AI is turned on the motion video is routed to AI interrogation in the cloud on the Wyze processing servers where the entire frame (not just the detection zone) is studied by the computer trying to identify one of the preset AI objects. If it positively ID’s in under 6 seconds a notification is sent. If it is over 6 seconds a generic ‘motion detected’ push is sent. If you have ‘all other motion events’ turned off in the notification settings, you don’t get the generic motion notification and because it took over 6 seconds you also don’t get the AI notification. You get no notifications.

While there may be problems with the cam FW, there is also an issue with the interrogation speed of the AI Bot. Need bigger bots or a lot more of them.

Slab, I thought the 6 seconds was the first 6 seconds of the individual clip, not the first 6 seconds of “AI” CPU time?

In fact I’m pretty sure that 6 full seconds of CPU time on AWS for every clip would quickly bankrupt them…

Hey! Can you please , if you have a moment, list all the people we should be tagging here? Im not on here a lot and not sure who to tag. This would be very helpful so that I can copy and paste to my rant post.

YES! Exactly! My point. I thought the same. Really? 6 seconds?

Directly from the Dev’s DM response to me:


" This is what is happening for your notification issue.

Right now, for “Wyze AI notifications”:

1. The AI service first processes the AI information from the detected frames.
2. If the AI service is able to finish the processing within 3-6 secs then the AI push notification is sent.
3. If AI processing takes longer than 6 secs, a generic push notification is sent “Motion Detected”
4. Once the AI processing is complete the event still gets the AI tag (Person, Pet, vehicle, package etc).
5. Since “All other motion” notification is disabled those generic notifications won’t be sent.

For some of your events, the AI service took longer than 6 sec to process the frames coz of which you did not get notifications.

This is certainly something we can work on improving on our end so that it does not cause such confusions to the customers."

Perhaps a non-native speaker and/or perhaps just not well written, but for now I’m going to stick with my interpretation that what he or she meant was still the first 3-6 seconds of the clip’s duration…