Is anyone else not getting all their notifications?

Is anyone else not getting all their notifications? Today I had 9 AI “Person” videos in the Events tab that pushed full length video to the cloud, but I only received 1 notification for 1 of the video’s. Checked my notification history on my phone for the last 24 hours and confirmed. Only 1 notification. I did already submit a support ticket but haven’t received a response yet.

I had the app closed all day, so I know that wasn’t the problem but can someone please confirm for me: If the app is open, will the notification not show but the dot on the new events tab will?

Thanks for any insight.

I don’t use app notifications but Alexa Wyze notifications (announcements) have been iffy/late over the last couple of weeks. Working okay the last day or two though.

There is a very long discussion on this forum about this issue. It has 286 entires so far. Check it out at

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