Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes

Well, I spoke too soon. I’m no longer getting non-AI notifications.

My cameras have been working/not working for about 7 days now. I have tried everything - delete camera, restart, power down, delete app/install app - nothing seems to make them work like they did a 2 weeks ago. Finally decided there is nothing I can do as it’s not my equipment.

@GuitarMan I’m now back to two notifications for every event. Only non - A.I. events though as I’ve switched off as much as I can of CamPlus. I only want CamPlus for the unlimited recording length and no cool down period anyway as it doesn’t pick up all people and only identifies my cat was a pet about 10% of the time.

You are correct - it isn’t actually fixed but as usual with Wyze it seems that we have to find workarounds quite regularly

Come on @WyzeBaohua and the Wyze crew, how long does it take to get this fixed? I’m still not getting any non-AI notifications.

Wyze support sent me an email a couple days ago and I replied that I was still having the problem. A day or two later they sent me another email saying “we haven’t heard back from you so…” Huh? I replied to their initial email so they had definitely heard back from me.

::edit:: It keeps getting better and better. Now my Cam Pan is no longer recording or notifying me when it detects a person. It’s not detecting people at all. I verified that it’s configured to detect and record person events but it’s not. 30 minutes ago my dog walker was there and I could see her live but no Person events were recorded.

I (finally) noticed last week that I wasn’t receiving ANY notifications at night. I looked at the Wyze app and saw the top header saying “TRY RULES.”
Hugh? Right next to those words are “ALERTS OFF AT NIGHT.”
Why would I turn alerts off at the most dangerous times for an intrusion?
Who did? I can only come up with one answer- Wyze did it for me, not a very Wyze move.
I can’t remove this rule, so I narrowed this interruption down to one minute of non-notification every night.
Let me know if you know how to remove this stupid rule, please.
I HAD to go into my iPhone’s settings and turn off all notifications except for texts, phone voice messages, and Wyze camera notifications because Wyze can not after TWO YEARS of hundreds requesting figure out how to give a different notification sound to our camera alerts. Sad.

@BRICESCREEK - I thought the same as you at first and set it to be active for the minimum time possible but once it was saved you have a switch to enable it or disable it. So I think it is a template to teach us how to use rules … Yep, Wyze thinks we are stupid!!!

I suppose they put it there to fill a bit of spare time and make us think they are busy making things better - instead of fixing the stuff that is not working properly.

I’m on Android and I don’t seem able to put different notification sound on events either.

I’m getting a bit fed up now - especially after the AWS shambles not long ago. There was a point where everything worked properly but then it all fell apart.

And I am STILL getting two notifications for every event!!!

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You should consider yourself lucky! Two notifications for every event? Here I am dreaming of a time when I would get ONE notification for every event. Now I’m not getting any but you’re getting TWO?? I wish we could trade!

And yes, for a while everything was running smoothly but sometime over the last couple of weeks, ironically, right around the time I subscribed to Cam Plus, everything has crashed and burned.

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Has wyze dropped worrying about people not getting notifications? Haven’t seen any mods or anyone from wyze commenting in this thread lately? I have 3 V3 cam+ that very sporadically send a notification. Have tried everything except throwing them away and going with simplisafe.

Like I mentioned earlier, in my case all I’m getting from them at this point is emails saying “we haven’t heard back from you…” right after I send them an email letting them know it’s still broken. I’m really hoping I don’t have to switch to Ring or Blink and go through the hassle of setting up a whole new system when I already have 7 Wyze cams.

What I can say is that I’m pretty sure I will not get a Doorbell Pro when they are back in stock. Too many reported problems and if they can’t even get their very first product, the Wyze Cams, to work properly after years of development, I can’t imagine their new products would work any better.

IMO they spend too much time trying to put out every product that is mentioned in company brainstorming sessions apparently fueled by copious amounts of weed and not enough time improving the quality of their primary products which to this day are barely functional.

I mean, does anyone really need a remote-controlled car that fries any camera attached to it when they can’t even get notifications and AI detection working properly?


I emailed them on Friday I think and have heard nothing - just like we are hearing in this forum.

I just got a reply from them saying that they are still working on the problem and it may be fixed either by a firmware or app update.

That’s a start

From another wyze forum on the new cam+lite - “ Legacy person detection started working on non-legacy (v3) cameras sometime last week (or earlier). Turning it on for all cameras had a bug but it seems to work out eventually. Great that I don’t have to do anything and will automatically switch over to CPL. ——————— that is about the timeframe of when my notifications stopped working on V3 cam+ Coincidence?

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@GuitarMan - perhaps I should start selling my spare notifications :blush:

Trouble is that I have a feeling that some of my V3s are missing some events. I have Tinycam running on an Android tablet and have seen my cat walk across the screen but never got a notification of it.

If Wyze are going to mend it with either an app or a firmware update then let’s hope it works - most updates seem to break something! But maybe they will get rid of the stupid “try rules” button on the Home Screen.

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And now one of my V3s is showing as offline … But it is still working! I can view the live feed and it is sending notifications.


Notifications still not working. @WyzeBaohua

The Wyze rep who emailed me said a fix might come by way of a firmware or app update but that’s a little confusing seeing as everything was working until approximately a week ago and nothing changed on my end. This looks like a server issue.

As for my status, nothing’s changed. I’m still not getting non-AI notifications and 45 minutes ago my Cam Pan stopped identifying or detecting Pets. At 10:01 I have a Pet event. At 10:04 I got a regular motion notification and when I viewed the clip, it was one of my dogs walking by the camera but it was no longer identified as a pet. Not quite sure if this was processed as an AI event or not but I’m definitely not getting non-AI sound and motion notifications.

So have they admitted that this is a known issue on their end?

The email they sent me seems to indicate that.

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Appreciate your update, hoping they get this resolved.