V3 with Cam Plus Suddenly Stopped Working

My Cam V3 - Cam Plus combo has been working perfectly detecting vehicles, people and pets until about a week and 1/2 ago.

It went intermittent, sometimes working and sometimes not.

Sometimes there is not even a motion event when a person or car goes through the camera view.

Sometimes a motion event gets recorded, but no person/vehicle/pet notification (or event tag for that).

All firmware and software up to date. Rechecked all settings. Did all troubleshooting short of a hard reset (camera is difficult to access).

Opened a ticket. Sent logs and screenshot. Got this rather unsatisfying response from the Wizard:

  • This request will be closed because we don’t have anything further we can do at this point.
  • This request will not be re-opened later.
  • Please keep an eye out for firmware and app updates. If the problem persists, please continue to submit logs with the new app and firmware versions.

So…anyone else having similar issues? Is this a known issue that Wyze is actively trying to fix?

I am thinking I’ll need to cancel my Cam Plus subscription and ask for a refund since it is too unreliable at this time to be useful.

Please post your Firmware version of your Cam v3 and the App version you are using. Please indicate if you are using Android or iOS.

I had some issues with not being notified via Cam Plus. This is going to sound odd, but I have found that the Toggles sometimes show one thing but they are not really active. To Correct That try the following:

  • Go to your v3 Camera Live Stream
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Notifications > Cam Plus and turn off all Cam Plus notifications
  • Back out and turn off Notifications
  • Go to Event Recording
  • Go to Smart Detection and turn off all items
  • Back out and turn off Detects Motion
  • Back out to main setting screen - this ensures everything is committed.

Now turn it all back on

  • Go to Event Recording
  • Turn Of Detects Motion
  • Select Smart Detection and Select which ever options you would like
  • Back out to main Settings screen
  • Select Notifcations
  • Turn on Notifications
  • Turn on Wyze AI Events

Then test and see.

Another option is to Clear Cache from the App. This is located Account > App Settings.


Everything was working fine. And then stopped, without ANY configuration changes on my part.

That being said. I did try toggling everything. But it was (is) working intermittently.

OS App version: 2.27.37 (1)

You’d think that Support could at least give customers a helpful resolution. I suspect it is an issue back in the “cloud”, but no one is saying.

If no one else is having this issue, maybe its a hardware issue. That is why I’m posting my situation. My V3 is still under warranty. But again, it seems that my Wizard just threw up his hands without giving me a sensible answer.

Here is a VERY long thread discussing the problem you are having. It’s pretty good reading.

Yup, That’s the symptoms I’m seeing. Thanks.

I wish they would just suck it up, admit there is an issue, and post when they think they have fixed it.

Right now V3 - Cam+ is pretty much useless to me.

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I have the same problem. I have Cam Plus subscription. It worked for a couple of weeks and just stopped. This service is useless.

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I have 10 V3 on CamPlus and mine are working like they are supposed to.

If you have updated your app recently or updated the Firmware on the cams, there is a possibility that you may have to go into the app and cams to verify that your settings are all still where you want them. Sometimes settings get toggled to a default when updates restart devices. Other times, a power cycle is required for the cams to pick up the old settings in the new software\firmware.

What specifically isn’t working? Notifications? Events? Smart AI? Cam settings? Playback?

Reply back with some details, I am sure there is someone here who can help.


We had a theft, and NOW I CAN’T RETREIVE ANY PLAYBACK VIDEO past 3 days!!!

Cam Plus, obviously isn’t working on my account, despite me paying for the sub for several years!!

If I got to Events:Smart Detection, it prompts me to subscribe to Cam Plus…even though the app shows that my cameras are already ON CAM PLUS!

Ticked, especially after wasting a half hour on “tech” support.

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Where are you looking for your CamPlus footage for that cam? In the Events Tab or on the SD Card (Playback)?

In Account → Services, under CamPlus, is that cam assigned to a CamPlus subscription?

What do you see in the Events Tab for the date in question? CP Event videos are saved on the cloud for 14 days. Do you have any filters set that might exclude this cam or specific types of events?


I’ve looked for it in the PLAYBACK on the app, as well as taking the SD card and using a computer to find historical videos.

As stated, Events are there, but the recorded video stream is not there at all.

In terms of “what events” are recorded, both Motion and Sound are turned on. However, this makes no sense to me, if CP is supposed to CONTINUOUSLY RECORD both to the Cloud, in addition to the SD Card.

Also, I found a bug. I couldn’t enable SMART DETECTION becuase the app would tell me I need to subscribe to CP. So, I finally just deleted the app and reinstalled. That part is fixed…now the Smart Detection in Event recording is fully enabled.


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Cam Plus is a cloud storage service which enables events to be recorded to the cloud of all detected motion. your cloud saved events are accessed via the “Event” tab off the home page of the app. While there is active motion detected that falls within the thresholds you set for sensitivity/detection zone, it will be saved to the cloud. When motion is no longer detected, the clip will stop and the camera will now wait for more motion to be detected then start the process of saving a new clip to be uploaded begins. Cloud recoding is where you get your event notifications from.

SD card recording “local storage” allows you to record from the camera to a sd card within the camera. Do you have a V3? As you replied to a V3 thread, but i want to verify that is correct. The V3 has two settings for local storage, “events only” and “continuous recording”. These settings are found in your advanced settings pages for the individual camera. “Events only” records full minute clips where motion falls to the card. If the event goes over the one minute mark, the next full minute will be saved to the card aswell. “Continious” is where the camera records 24/7 to the card.

“Cloud storage” and “Local storage” are two separate and independent functions of the cameras. You can have one, both or neither at anytime. Your camplus stuff is separate from the SD card recordings. I have cameras where i dont have cloud recording enabled, but still record continuously or events only to the SD card in the camera.

This is your local storage. You can check on these settings by going into your cameras settings, then advance settings where you should see something about micro SD card mentioned in there. Once we can confirm what camera you are using we can be more specific with details. If you didnt find anything on the card, you may have a bad card or the settings for local storage weren’t enabled.

These are your cloud recoding settings. When enabled, this allows the camera to record to the cloud, which are viewable in the event tab of the app.

Does this clear some stuff up?


Thanks for all your help!

YES, I have V3 cameras.

I understand your explanation of sound/motion events being recorded, but the fact is, I can’t see ANY of the PLAYBACK timeline prior to 9/11…on ANY of my cameras. If only events are being uploaded, ok, but that’s not quite what I understood CamPlus did…but that still doesn’t explain why nothing was recorded to be viewed on the Playback feature. Just to be clear, MY EVENTS TAB shows “events”.

YES, I have CONTINUOUS recording on to my Card, yet there’s nothing prior to 9/11 (only 3 days ago) recorded.


What size SD card do you have in your cameras? The recording retention rate for local storage (SD card) is based on a few factors, your quality settings, how much action is seen and id say most importantly the size of your SD card. If you are getting 3 days on continuous, i bet you have 32 gig cards in your cameras.

Lower your quality settings, use larger SD cards to increase the amount of time that’s recorded to your cards.

You said you have local storage recordings back to 9/11 on the SD card. Local storage is viewed using the playback feature.

These are your cloud events. The retention rate for these is 14 days. Go back previous days by clicking the day numbers towards the top of the event tab. If the theft occurred within the past 14 days and if there is a cloud event that caught it, it is available for 14 days. After 14 days of being in the cloud it is deleted. If you do find a cloud event that is of importance, save it to your phone of tablet for safe keeping.


Just to reiterate what @Omgitstony explained, SD Card recording is a function seperate and independent from CamPlus and Cloud “Event” videos. They are not related.

Some things that can limit how far back in time you can view footage on the SD Playback are: Size of the SD Card and Quality of the Video.

A 32 GB SD card recorded in HD will only record for about 3.5 days continuous before it starts to overwrite the oldest video 1 minute at a time. Recorded in SD quality will record for about 7 days before overwriting. Bigger card = more time based on those numbers.

This is a function of the card size and video quality, not a function of your CamPlus subscription or Cloud Event recording.

Your CamPlus Events do NOT record continuous. Only when the cam detects motion. So, you should be able to go to the day in question, up to 14 days ago, clear all Event Tab filters, and see all motion activated video for that day.


Ok, thanks again!

So, sounds like the bottom line is this:

EVENTS are what is stored in the cloud, under the CP program, for 14 days.

TIMELINE (continous recording) is stored on your SD card and, obviously, will be dependent on capacity before the history is written over.

Not what I expected from CP, but you’ve certainly illuminated the differences!


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Thanks very much for the help in explaining what exactly the CP does and doesn’t do!

Between your guy’s help, and me finding the bug that was fixed by deleting the app, I think I’m good now. Well, I mean, I’ve got things working…still not happy to not have a video to show that the UPS driver was NEVER at our house. ugh.

Oh well.



Glad things are clearer now. What size SD card do you use in your cameras? According to the Wyze website, a general guess for size and retention on SD cards is:

  • 32GB microSD card will hold approximately 2 days of HD video and 7 days of SD video.
  • 128GB microSD card will hold approximately 8 days of HD video and 28 days of SD video.
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I already put my card back in, but it’s probably a 32gb like we suspect.


Ok, if your still wondering for sure you can use the Wyze app, enter live view of the camera, click the gear, then advances settings, then click on micro SD card and itll tell you the card status/size.

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Geesh…thanks. I’ve been so deep in tech issues today? My head isn’t clear.

Yea, my cards are 32gb. Thanks for the tip

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Ok, if your still wondering for sure you can use the Wyze app, enter live view of the camera, click the gear, then advances settings, then click on micro SD card and itll tell you the card status/size.