Not getting notifications from one of my 3 cameras

Despite trying several things, like uninstalling/reinstalling the app, power cycling the camera, resetting the camera… I get no notifications from it.

Running on android 11, Pixel 3xl phone. Can view the live stream just fine, the events show up in the event log along with the video, and the other two cams get fairly quick notifications.

Wyze plus, active subscription on all three cams. Getting a little tired of the buggy mess these are, wish Amazon cams were still a thing, never had an issue with mine.

First guess is notifications not turned on for that camera.
What kind of camera?

Should have specified that yes, the notifications are turned on. I double and triple checked.

They are V2 cams.

You’re not alone.

No events since about 8:00 yesterday - Cameras - Welcome to the Wyze Forum (

Well, out of nowhere it’s working again.

Welcome to the club, others have had the exact same experience.

Got to love reliable, stable, predictable performance? :unamused: