No events since about 8:00 yesterday

8:00 the next day and events have been logged/captured as they should be. Just ‘love’ the consistent and predictable performance of this product. (Sarcasm intended, I really don’t.) :unamused:

Would you like to buy a security system? It might not work for a day or so, off and on.

Just thought I add more recent experience. It’s now been 8 days (8:13PM on 8/10/21) since receiving the last motion event notification from my V2 - with absolutely none since then. And before anyone asks there are literally hundreds of motion events captured on the local SD card.

Camera has been off/on/off/on cycled via the app so many times I can’t even begin to guess how many that might be. Likewise with removing/restoring power by unplugging the power cord.

Certainly glad I have other manufacturer’s cameras covering the same area that send proper notifications.

Is detects motion still selected under ‘Event Recording’ for the camera in question

Yep, nothing has changed since the last time it was working properly. To clarify, not only are there no notifications there is also nothing under ‘events’ in the app - just the “Nothing to see here” text.

Update: 10 days and counting. Hundreds of motion events captured on the local SD card and nothing under the ‘events’ tab in the app. :unamused:

Have you tried contacting support yet?

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I am sure you tried this as you frequent the forums, but did you make sure all filters have been cleared from the Events Tab? I sometimes forget that I selected a Camera or Person or something else and my events are limited in the page.

Just curious if it could be as simple as that.

As mentioned earlier, nothing has changed (F/W, S/W or settings) since it was last functioning as it should - now 11 days ago. Just checked again to make sure that’s the case.

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Not yet, and I’m not sure if/when I will. This is now become an exercise to see how long this foolishness will last. Every mention in this forum of this issue (including my own) is the condition will ‘self correct’ after some period of time.

At this time my only interest is in determining what the outside limit of ‘some period of time’ might be - currently 11 days and counting.

Able to post a screen shot of all your applicable settings pages, event tab? Maybe fresh eyes can see something amiss or just for documentation purposes.

And now, drum roll please, as of 12:46PM on 8/21 events are being logged again - 10 days, 16 hours, 33 minutes.

Absolutely NO CHANGES were made to any settings, hardware, firmware, software, apps, routers, ISP, network settings, computer OS, etc. (my socks and underwear were however :laughing: ).

Same issue here except mine still isn’t recording events. Seems like it started with the firmware update.

It has nothing to do with a F/W update other than being a coincidence. As mentioned, there were no updates to mine at any time. The phenomenon comes and goes as it sees fit. My feeling is the backend system(s) at Wyze has ‘issues’.

Yes, May be coincidence…but whatever it is sure does stink. I like you have made no other changes just, poof, no more recordings and to do a live feed it just says loading and gets stuck on step 1.

That would be a separate issue. Happens to me occasionally but turning the camera off/on usually fixes it.

Which camera?.. Do you have an SD card in the camera?.. If you do have an SD card is it recording events only or continuous?.. and, lastly, if recording events are there any event recordings on the card?

And once again I’m not getting notifications, and nothing under the ‘event’ tab, even though there are numerous motions events recorded on the SD card. 4 days, so far, and counting. :unamused:

Update: 12/18/21 and still nothing, zilch, zip, nada. Last ‘Event’ on 12/5/21 @ 1:48pm. Literally hundreds of motion events recorded on SD card but nothing under the ‘event’ tab and no notifications.

And before anyone asks yet again - motion detect is on, notifications are on and the camera has been power cycled multiple times, both via the APP and by removing power. Definitely a Wyze ‘back end’ problem - and I really don’t care that yours is working properly so don’t say it is, mine isn’t. :angry: :angry: :angry:

Same here since Dec 8. 10 days of NO events. Nothing in settings was changed. Luckily I have a Nest camera looking at the same area. I TRUST my Nest cams. My Wyze cams are just a bonus if I can get anything out of them.

Same here, but with Reolink. Orders of magnitude better than Wyze in every respect - including price when you factor in ‘down’ time.