Large delay in motion detection Wyze V1 and 2

Good Morning,
I am having an issue on my Wyze cams now where the motion is detected but the “clip” that is saved and sent is starting long after ( ok probably 3-5 seconds ) after the motion has started.
Usually this is not a problem unless the motion that it catches is only 3-5 seconds long ( like a humming bird coming to feed ).
I can see its a delay when I go back into local storage and view what happened. There was indeed motion but by the time it started recording I have missed most if not all of the event.
I have also noticed this on a camera set out to watch my Kitties having a snack in the food bowl. The alert always start when they are already at the bowl eating.
I was hoping to use this camera to catch quick events like humming birds coming to feed and/or Rodents in my crawl space. Both of these events are very quick and short lived and with this sort of response time it becomes pointless to hope that I might capture these events.

Has anyone else seen this sort of behavior ?

Any help and/or suggestions would be quite welcome.

Thank you,


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Do you have “Enable Hardware Decoder” set to on?
Account–>App Settings–>Camera

I did not sir! I had no idea that was even a thing! Even if I had have seen it, I would not have been sure what it does. :slight_smile:
What does this do exactly?

What does enable hardware decoder do?

it’s in the online manual, I might look it up later.

So I have done additional research and hardware decoding will have ZERO effect on the time lag when detecting motion. This is only for rendering on your PHONE.

I have the same issue. Motion happens, then recording starts after area is clear. Did you get this resolved?

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I am also having the issue that the recording starts about 1 second after the motion is out of frame. Should this not roll back 5 second or so and start the post of the recorded object at that point?

I found the answer elsewhere on forum. From memory however since that was 8 hours ago – you may need to poke around to find it for sure. There are two sets of recordings – online and on your SD card if you have it. My SD card is set for continuous by the way which is a big loop depending on card size. Anyhow – do not view the 10 to 15 second online (cloud) alert as this does miss the activity many times. Rather – note the time of that clip and then from the live camera view click on the particular camera with the alert, at the bottom you will see VIEW PLAYBACK. This is a solid 24 hour +/- recording. Click it, find the time you wrote down (you did didn’t you) and then watch a full video. Proof of what happened.

Hope this helps.

Yes, thank you friend it does help! It doesn’t solve the problem with the fact that their index is a little off on there preview for recording in the cloud. But at least this is a way to get around the error that was made. Thank you very much for your reply I appreciate it!