Wyze Sense Motion sensor is horribly slow and unresponsive

I have a sensor setup, everything connected fine, good signal on sensor and bridge/camera. (Wyze Pan Cam).

I have a sensor sitting on a bathroom wall, facing inwards. So if my kiddo’s run into the bathroom, I know when I need to go help them. (or catch them playing in the sink, etc)

The sensor when I first got it was great. Very responsive. Now it takes minutes+ to respond alert. The motion sensor for example says “Motion detected 7:17pm” It’s 7:38 now and no one has been in there for 15 minutes+. The thing is laggy and never seems to clear itself or update it’s status.

Any ideas what might be going wrong? Battery low maybe?

Signal strength says 1 bar on the sensor, but when I was near the room testing it it was 3.


I have been having issues today as well. Sensor and motion alerts are really delayed. I tried resetting the bridge and sensors but still having problems

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Funny thing is, my door/window sensor I just installed is doing the same thing. 5 minute + delays on notifications. Wrong status.

Same problem here…10 - 15 minute delays before status refreshes, I have also reopend the app many times. All units in very near range, paired 3 times successfully and still laggy. Maybe a port needs to be opened on router or its slow?

Something got screwed up today My sensors are all wacked out too
The app is not even acting right , loading slow, I even uninstalled and reinstalled it

Been having the same problem all day. Just got a bunch of new sensors and another cam and now the alerts and statuses are really delayed. It’ll show a notification that the door was opened a half hour ago. :frowning: Hopefully it’s just a Wyze server problem and will be fixed soon.

time for logs to be sent into the Devs. more than likely it was the latest bridge update.

Anyone else have the beta firmware?

I’m on Beta but I haven’t done any bridge updates lately. I’m been really busy and apparently that’s a good thing in this case, so far im only reading about the issues. . @HDRock you have the Beta ( and happy birthday sir)

Firmware Long delays. Made sure app and cam on same wifi network (2G). Reset everything. No difference.

How do we send logs to the devs?

Iv’e just literally set mine up as new, I only got it today, and I’m thinking I have missed a setting like a delay before send? but after a quick search I found it may not be me after all…especially as its not an isolated incident as bad wi-fi internally…

Gwendolyn is far more articulate than I am, especially when I cant look directly at the app. check this out for how to send in logs.

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I just got a new camera and installed it today. Thought I screwed something up and tried resetting the bridge and the cam it was connected to. I even deleted the beta app and downloaded the regular one. Nada worked :man_facepalming:t2:

Yeah, there is something really really wrong right now.

I hang sensors on my Windows. I opened up 2 windows, so I got alerted they were open. That is good.
But now they won’t stop!

I keep getting alerts every 5 minutes or so telling me they are open!

Clearly the processing on their end has gotten goofed up, and either are delaying sending the alert, or they keep sending it over and over, even though the state hasn’t changed!

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yeah, there is no delay to send, it appears to be correlated with a bridge update. make sure you send a log to the Devs. the more info they have (although it all seems to be the exact same issue) the quicker they can get to the root problem. hopefully its a quick fix. I wouldn’t down there’s a post from someone at Wyze soon either letting everyone know there’s an issue and they are on it, or that there is an update coming out with a fix. time will tell.

Nope not running beta on any devices right now v2.3.69
I didn’t see anything about a Bridge Update in the news section
motion sensor was reading clear I went and set it off now it says offline

This is happening to me also, and I haven’t done any updates recently. Only started happening today, and has gotten worse this evening. Alerts 30 minutes old now alerting over and over.

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In the app, tap on account > help & feedback > report an issue, fill it in , make sure send log file is checked , then tap submit , then choose your email you want to send it with

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What you all think about this @WyzeGwendolyn @CaptainMark @WyzeTao