Wyze Sense sensors extremely slow to change states

Starting this evening all of my sensors are taking about 25 minutes to change states. Same with notifications on those sensors. Cameras and camera notifications are working OK. Any one else seeing this? I sent a support ticket in already. Tried power cycling all cameras. Rebooted router…still extremely slow.

Yes. Same here. Bizarre behavior with sensors started tonight.

This also started tonight, for me.

I have been troubleshooting my sensors showing the same state “motion” or “cleared” for 30+ minutes even though I am clearly causing the opposite to happen.

changed to a spare motion sensor, deleted the rules associated with the old ones, started fresh with all new rules and a new sensor… still, there’s no updates from the sensor to the app.

I can SEE a red light flash when I move in front of it… but the APP says “no history” (the new sensor) and never knows about the motion the sensor saw.

Also, perhaps related… In my app, I see a bulb that says “on”, but looking at the room, its off. clicking the toggle to “off” cycles the icon to off. close out of the Wyze app and reopen… it says “on” again.
clicking to “on” turns the bulb on physically, so it still works via the app, just always misreports the status as “on” when I first open the app.

Also experiencing the same issue, just this evening.

Me too. Notifications are coming in with correct timestamps, but are delayed by 30 minutes or more.

Rules are behaving a bit erratically as well.

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Good to hear that its not just me. Sensors stopped triggering events for my bulbs. Seems like around 6pm central time for me.

Poor time of night for issues, every time a kid tells my wife the lights aren’t working feels like pins under my fingernails…

Yes, there’s a couple threads on it now. WyzeGwendolyn is on it in this thread:


Having same issue here. Hope they get it sorted.

Also having Wierd delays beginning this evening.

Having exactly same delay problem. Need a solutions asap. Wyze please keep inform us

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My door sensors are going crazy with notifications and my camera won’t load. It says on but just cycles through the loading image.

Glad to hear they are working on it. Same issue here. Got to love the community for knowing whats up. Thanks! :slight_smile:


This issue should be resolved now. :slight_smile:

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All good here now. Thanks for the quick response !

Is it happening again?

I was affected by the initial issue but it got resolved around 6:15PM PT, and now has started happening again as of about 7:35PM PT. I’ve opened a ticket but wanted to post here in case others notice it again as well.

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Not yet for me but I’ll let you know back here soon if it does.

I think my issue was actually the age of my sensors / battery life. I had a contact sensor throw a warning for low battery life, and around the same time, a couple of my motion sensors stopped being consistent in their state transition. I replaced the battery in one and that seemed to fix it, but replaced the battery in another and it didn’t (I’ve since had Wyze warranty replace that one). I’ve got 1 more that’s still not behaving like it should, so I’ve ordered a pack of the CR2450 batteries and am hoping that fixes it. Unfortunately, none of the motion sensors reported any low battery issues, just that one contact sensor, but I think I am approaching about 1 year on these.

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