Motion sensor not updating/notifying quickly or accurately representing current state

I have a sensor setup, everything connected fine, good signal on sensor and bridge/camera. (Wyze Pan Cam).

I have a sensor sitting on a bathroom wall, facing inwards. So if my kiddo’s run into the bathroom, I know when I need to go help them. (or catch them playing in the sink, etc)

The sensor when I first got it was great. Very responsive. Now it takes minutes+ to respond alert. The motion sensor for example says “Motion detected 7:17pm” It’s 7:38 now and no one has been in there for 15 minutes+. The thing is laggy and never seems to clear itself or update it’s status.

Any ideas what might be going wrong? Battery low maybe?

Signal strength says 1 bar on the sensor, but when I was near the room testing it it was 3.

Many others, including myself, are currently experiencing this issue. Just hold on and try to be patient. You’re not alone :smiley:. Hopefully the devs can fix soon.

make sure to send logs into the devs. all of a sudden it seems this is a spreading issue. ( for some reason I haven’t had it yet though)

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I received this as part of a response to the log I sent:

“We are currently experiencing higher than normal volumes that may impact your response time. We will get to your e-mail as fast as we can.”

These are related


that’s good. that means they will have plenty of data to work from.


Check to see what firmware the bridge is running. Some of us have reported having the same issues with bridge firmware (i’m running android and don’t know if the firmware numbering is the same across all platforms)

I’m also running the firmware (I believe it’s a beta firmware). I tested the beta for a short time (which updated the firmware), but the app wasn’t showing notifications so I left the beta program and now it works. But the beta firmware is still installed and I don’t know how to remove or if I’ll still receive non-beta updates.

Something has changed because my door/window sensor is working immediately now.

My motion sensor says “offline” which makes no sense but the other sensor is instant again.

I experienced this strange sensor behavior last night. I got continuous repeat notifications from my door sensors. Notifications popped up like every 20 minutes or so telling me my back door was closed @8:35 P.M. It continued to repeat this action for a couple of hours until I just turned my phone off. This morning it is working fine with no repeat notifications. Really weird. Lol My Bridge firmware is

Everything seems to be working great now. Status updates like usual.

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My motion and door sensors are all showing offline now

@HDRock I just checked all of my sensors and they are all working properly. Since you mentioned this I wanted to double check mine too. I hope I don’t have this problem before the day is over.

Last night they were showing on line but they didn’t Work

My motion sensor showed as offline, I removed and added and it’s working fine.

Whatever happened, it was a major issue and caused a lot of havoc. I hope they post a PIR on it.

Well , they were working but they were showing offline.
I pulled the battery out from the motion sensor, That didn’t fix it.
I pulled the power from the camera took off the bridge Then re powered the camera and put the bridge back in, Everything is working good now :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s great! Glad to hear you cured the problem. :+1: Others may benefit from trying this too.

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All of my sensors were out until I did what you suggested. Thanks! I turned off the camera with the bridge, took out the bridge, turned the power back onto the camera, then reinserted the bridge and everything came back on immediately


Cool :sunglasses:, glad it worked for you to.
I didn’t even try Pulling batteries from the doors because it didn’t work with the Motion sensor

I would have been disappointed if it had been batteries since the sensors are about 1 month old. I got them on early adopters. Thanks again