Repeat notifications for same (past) event

I keep getting the same notifications, repeatedly … Example, “garage motion is clear” at 7:43 p.m. comes in once, then again, then multiple other times at random times for the past hour. Ditto for “garage motion” camera - the notification will say “continuous” and keep notifying me, but there’s no motion, and it’s the same time for the event. I re-started my phone, but it’s still telling me the garage is clear at 7:43 p.m.

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Did you by any chance update to the latest bridge firmware? It seems I am getting the same thing and it is also causing connection problems to the sensors. Others are reporting same problem with latest firmware updates.

I haven’t recently updated, but I updated a while back and think I’m on the latest version. I have tried turning off “clear” notifications, then back on, etc. It’s driving me crazy!

Maybe a problem with their cloud service. Hopefully it will clear up.

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I am having same issue, started about 07:30 PM EDT. Somethings seems backlogged. Other events coming very late. I did not update anything.

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Same problem here. Just got mine today, updated, and now none of the sensors seem to work.

Same thing here. I finally unplugged the sense dongle and even then the notifications kept coming. Reboot my iPhone, finally turned off notifications because I don’t want to set everything up again if I uninstall the app.

Super frustrating.

All my sense devices show offline, even when I had the dongle plugged in…

Same here. Over and Over and Over.

Having the same issue as well.

Same thing here. Luckily it seems to be only one of my sensors at the moment. Unfortunately for me, it is the most important one.

I’m glad I’m not the only one. Was about to throw the thing out the window. Started about 7:30pacific. Multiple “Clear” alerts w/o any detect alerts. And no rhyme/reason for it. And as mentioned above now time stamps aren’t current (delayed)
Did try to reset (removed device then re added by inserting the pin)
Still going on. Happened 3x while typing this in

This is related

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Same issue here too on my contact sensor, notifications over and over again.

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That’s about the time mine started repeating as well. Between 7 P.M. and and 8 P.M. on my door sensors.

Hello–Wyze Sense PM here. I’m sorry you’re experiencing an issue with your Sensor. Was your current status still updating in real time?

Sorry for the repeat notifications… definitely not the intended behavior! Did you by chance notice what color the Bridge’s light was? And if you haven’t yet, please send an app log and make sure the camera with the Bridge is selected. Thanks!

@WyzeMikeThanks for the reply. Yes, everything was working perfectly in real time. Today all sensors are working with no repeat notifications. It seemed to start last night around 7:30 P.M. until around 11:30 P.M. Eastern time. I cut my phone off and turned it back on this morning. No issues today with the sensors at all. I keep the status light covered up on my bridge with black electrical tape because it was the first thing you saw entering the room at night. Is there a way to access the Wyze app log on my Android phone ? I’m not sure how to do that.

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If you’re trying to send a log to us you’d follow the same process for iOS. Go to Accounts > Help & Feedback > Report an issue.

Ok, I see now thanks.