Motion sensor never ‘clears’

Have a motion sensor that is triggering when detecting motion but never clears. If I go to the device in the app it says Motion detected. There is no motion going on at this time. Why can I not get it to clear?

I would remove the battery and remove and re add it if needed AFTER the battery removal.

just like a computer, start with the simplest, turn it off and turn it on.

Didn’t make any changes and now seems to be working. Motion clears after a couple of minutes of no motion being detected. I’ll do some more testing tomorrow.

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right on. keep us updated

Same here. Freezes up at detect. Tried all these things. Seems very stupid. Uninstall. Take battery out. Start over three times. Not working properly. Want money back or functioning product. Please!

Same problem here. It seems like it’s a range to bridge issue with me. If I move the motion sensor 10 ft closer to the camera with the bridge it will eventually clear. If I move it back to its original spot, it detects motion, but never clears.

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That’s unfortunate! However, let’s try some troubleshooting steps.

  • Are you using the orignial power adapter and cable that came initially with your Wyze Cam V2 / Pan?
    • If not, please use the original power adapter and cable, the bridge does use power and some cables/adapters may be of low quality and cannot deliver a good voltage.
  • If it seems your Wyze Bridge is giving some issues, make sure you remove the bridge from the Wyze Cam V2 / Pan and go through the setup process again.
  • Go ahead and check the sensor’s signal strength:
    • Bring your Wyze Sensor close to the bridge.
    • Open the Wyze app and go to the Home tab.
    • Select the device that is giving you issues.
    • Click the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen.
    • Click on Device Info.
    • Check the Signal Strength, if it is at one bar, the signal is unreliable and you should move either the bridge closer to the sensor or the sensor closer. Try to bring the sensor right next to the bridge, if the signal is still at one/two bars, you may have a defective sensor.
  • Try to remove obstructions/objects to increase the sensor’s signal strength.
  • Make sure the bridge’s LED is not solid yellow, otherwise, this could indicate several issues: a defective bridge, bad power adapter, or bad power cable.

If none of this works, contact the amazing support team at and list all the troubleshooting steps you have gone through in order for them to either send a replacement or seek another solution.

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I have heard of some people placing the sensors on metal surfaces with the PIR sensors and having issues as well. I’m not entirely sure how that would interfere with the signal, although anything is possible, but keep that in mind too. and also think about anything you might have ( wireless electronics) in your home that would weaken the signal from the bridge. I would test it as closer ranges to the bridge incrementally moving further and further away and see if you can pin point if it is a signal issue or a mechanical defect.