Motion sensor won't clear

Hi. I have 1 pesky motion sensor that turns on/off a light with motion detected/cleared that I am having problems with.

For the last few nights, usually around the same time, the motion sensor detects motion but then will not clear. I’ve been just manually turning the light off. The sensor eventually clears.

Tonight it sensed motion at 8:03pm and is still active at 10:44pm. There has been no motion since at least 8:30pm as we have been in the backyard.

Any ideas how to fix this nightly occurance?
I have a picture of the log but can not seem to add it.

The typical reason for a motion sensor not changing state is distance to the bridge. If the sensor manages to communicate to the bridge that something has happened, then it also needs to also communicate the issue has stopped. So normally we would say there is a communication issue, and the bridge needs to be moved closer to the sensor.

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You could also use a USB extension cable to extend the bridge closer to the affected Motion senor.

The one I use is 3 meters long … going longer may have to much voltage drop. This will also help keep the cam running cooler.

Also is this bridge on a V2 or a Cam Pan ?

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I had the same problem last week (my sensor is about 12 inches from the bridge). The only way I got it to clear was to delete the device from the app (Wyze app home > your motion sensor > settings/gear icon > Delete Device), remove the battery from the motion sensor for a minute, reinstall the battery and pair the sensor back to the bridge as if it was new. If you try this, don’t forget to go into the sensor’s settings to reset any notifications, sensor video rules and schedules & automations. I also checked the battery voltage while I had it out (it was still good).

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I have not had any issues for the past month. This just started about a week ago. It triggers and clears multiple times a day without issue but once a day, usually after 8pm and not every day, it just gets stuck. Nothing has changed between the bridge and the sensor locations since installing.

It finally cleared at 11:22pm last night and is working perfectly again this morning. We’ll see what happens tonight!
Funny thing is, in the log it says it only sensed motion for 4 minutes last night.

With WiFi devices a lot can change …

I was referring the their physical location only. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

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Having similar problem, motion gets stuck “in progress” every night around 10pm. Every morning it starts working again, and the log motion in progress gets updated showing “< 1 minute”. Motion sensor not reporting MOTION OFF properly to bridge. Shouldn’t the program have some handshake with the bridge to avoid getting stuck like this?

I have a couple of screenshot, not sure how to post. See ticket 776170.

Seems to be working better now, after power cycling camera and reinserting bridge twice.