Motion Sensor Not Detecting

I have a Wyze Motion Sensor bridged to a Wyze Cam Pan. Setup went perfectly, the bridge has a solid blue light. After initial setup, the motion sensor makes a detection, then issues a clear. After that, nothing. I have gone through the wyze app and everything looks ok. All firmware is updated. Have gone through troubleshooting, power cycling, deleting device and re-adding, etc. Motion sensor never makes any detection after being setup.

The first time I set up a motion sensor, I had a similar problem … mine would never go back to clear. I took out the battery in the sensor, then put it back in after a few seconds. It has been working fine ever since.

So I went through the setup process again from scratch. This time the motion sensor started working. The only things that were different was before I was setting it up in a room that was darker and today it was in the same room, but I had natural sunlight coming in. Also, after I did the pin reset during setup, I stepped outside the sensors range of view, as before I was always standing right in front of it. No idea if these really had any affect, but it s the only things that were different.

I also did a power shutdown on the camera that had the bridge, and removed the battery from the sensor, but I had already tried that before and and it didn’t work.