Wyze Sense Motion Issues Again

I had two motion sensors on one bridge working great for 2 weeks. Added another Bridge for the rear section of the house today and add 1 new motion sensor. Now one of the original motion sensor stick on motion detected state. Have pulled battery, removed and added back several times. also moved it to the new bridge/camera. It will work for about 10 minutes and then sticks on motion detected.
Any clues??
This is becoming difficult to keep all of these sensors working. Not very reliable for security…
Wyze installed inventory to date.
5 V2 cameras
1 Pan Cam
2 bridges
3 of 6 motion sensors.
3 of 4 Contact sensors.

From my own experience, I would say that the other motion is connecting to an alternate bridge. The same happens to my Sense sets when they are on the edge of the network.