Motion sensor stop working

Hi there, I am having problems with the motion sensor that came in the starter kit.

The sensor stop working after a few days. I changed the battery but nothing happen. when I try to added it to the Wyze app the sensor does not flashes like it supposed to do when you insert the pin. Looks dead.
My question is How Can I Make it work?

It is possible that the motion sensor has gone bad. Have you checked the contact sensors to see if they are working properly? If the other sensors are working, it could be a problem as you said with the motion sensor alone.

First thing comes to mind after changing the battery:

  1. Check battery orientation

From Troubleshooting Section

If the sensor doesn’t start working again after replacing the battery, check to make sure that the battery is placed in the correct orientation (the positive side(+) should be visible after the battery is inserted), and is fully seated.

If the battery is in correctly, then I would recommend contacting support about this issue. Go to the Wyze app, > Go to Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue. Then you will get a support ticket number in your email.

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My Motion Sensor that I purchased in October last year has been working fine. And now it just went dead without any battery low notification. So I changed the battery made sure the orientation is correct and checked that the new battery is good. Yet I can not get it to pair with the bridge. When I hold the reset with the provided tool it never flashes or lights up or anything. I think it has just died. Can I get a replacement since it has been no more then 6 months

Welcome to the forums! Bummer you having problems with the motion sensor! The forum is a community of users, to get in contact with Wyze I’d suggest filling out a support ticket and they can get in contact with you and either trouble shoot or replace.

Support ticket link or Wyze support pages which have a chat link and product specific pages