Wyze sensor stuck in “motion”

Hi all.

I have 2 porch lights. And I have a motion sensor near the front door so whenever motion is detected it turns on the light. Then after Motion clears it turns it off.

For the past 4 days I’ve noticing once I power on the porch lights. I move in front of the sensor, that little flashing red light on it to say that it saw motion does
Not work anymore. It’s now stuck in “motion in progress forever when it sees motion, and now my lights never turn off cuz m my motion sensor is stuck in “motion in progress”

Hi @haddad_287 It is a possibility that the battery is dead. You could try uninstalling/reinstalling the battery to see if it responds. You will need to reconnect it afterwards.

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It’s a brand new wyze sensor that is 1 week old, is this how often the battery dies?

With normal use the battery should last 12 months. No, the battery should not be dead that is a week old.
However, did you try uninstalling/reinstalling the battery to see if it responds? This may be a replacement case. I advise to contact support if this doesn’t work.

If you can’t get the help you need here on the forum, you can submit a request for support. They will take care of it for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Submit a Request

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I agree take battery out for 10-15 seconds , put it back in , see if it helps

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The other option to try is reset the bridge. How far is you bridge from the sensor? Is it in a direct line of site?


My bridge is not in line with the sensor. It’s maybe about 3-4 meters away? It’s not that far. It’s been working perfectly since day 1 but not it keeps ok staying in motion.
Is this a fault from the wyze sensor?

That did not help

That doesn’t sound good. I would go ahead and submit a request if you haven’t already done so. The sensor may be bad and they can replace it for you.

Submit Request

I just received the sensors and am having the same problem…the motion is stuck on. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. These don’t seem very reliable. I emailed Wyze and they were not helpful. Anyone else having this problem?

My wyze sensor is still stuck in motion most of the time. Anyone find a fix for this?

Following this. The same thing just happened to me. I cannot get it to stop reading that there is motion. I had now pulled the sensor, pulled the battery, reset the sensor. I have not reset the bridge. Perhaps I will do that next.

Literally as I typed that the motion cleared. I will monitor the activity. It had been in motion from 8:27 am to 1:22pm

I’ve had this happen for sensors in areas that get cold or have an older battery. Moving the bridge closer to sensor helped as well.

I am finding that the PIR sensor has poor RF range to the hub in the camera. I’m seeing the same symptoms as reported by the original post. Maybe my sensor is not normal and I do have another one coming in two days to compare. I’ll report my comparison at the end of this week.

One thing I didn’t mention…and perhaps this is “the rest of the story”…
I have my sensor mounted outside. When the problem started, and continues today, the temperatures have been in the teens.

I definitely have exposed it to temperatures outside their recommended operating temperature range.

I got my second sensor today and I’m happy to report that my first sensor simply is abnormal with a pitifully short usage range of less than 20 feet line-of-sight. The new one is working as expected. I did try putting a fresh battery into the bad sensor and it made no difference.

I see that the motion sensors are orderable from Wyze for $5.99, so I’ll just retire the bad one to my hobby workbench and order a couple new ones to use.