WYZE Motion Sensor Model WHMS1 will not reset, therefore will not connect to bridge

I have 3 Wyze Motion Sensors. 2 of them went offline and would not reconnect. I attempted to reset the sensors and first thought the lack of any light blinking meant I had a dead battery. So I replaced the battery with a fresh C2450. I also deleted the sensors from my Wyze app and reset the camera that has the bridge. The sensor does not produce a light that would indicate a reset. It seems completed dead. What should I do?

If these are the v1 sensors, then they could be bricked. Theres an issues with v1 sensors where if the battery dies the device is bricked. You may be able to get a warrenty replacement, but I’m not sure.

Probably not going to be an option. Most of these sensors are well over 1yr old.

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Are you kidding me me? This is so cs but I guess I should expect it. Should just flush everything and move on. So frustrating