My wyze sense motion sensor stopped working at 4pm today

It’s now 11:30pm and I got it to work again…

Basically, I had to unplug/replug the wyze cam it was connected to and it seems to be working again. I checked the battery life in Device Info of the motion sensor settings but it says it’s normal.

My motion sensor seems to be acting up as of late, is this a sign the battery life is near its end? or something else?

I have a nightly camera restart rule for my cam that has the bridge for this purpose. You may want to set that up aswell.


I had my motion sensor stop working a few months back. I never got any low battery warnings like I get with the contact sensors but I assumed a dead battery. I replaced the battery to no avail. Once I finally got around to contacting support, they weren’t super helpful and then just told me that my warranty is expired and there is nothing they can do.

I am not happy with their warranty policy. When buying a product, I expect it to work for more than a year.

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The WYZE sensor group is a hit & miss system.
You might have hit upon the very reason for it’s lack luster dependency!
I called support when mine first went off line and that was how ‘we’ fixed it.
Re booted the camera that held the bridge.
Could some one post the text for the Rule that resets the camera so others can use it?