Door & Motion Sensors quit at same time

I had a problem occur for the first time last night (3-25-2020) . I checked the app around 1am and seen that my Door Sensor and the Motion sensor both had quit working. I went to the door and opened it and the indicator light blinked on as usual and then it blinked on again as I closed the door , but in the app it was still showing the door opened at 9:52pm . I done this sevral times and could not get it to read that the door was closed and show the current time of activation. It just stayed saying open at 9:52pm. It was the same issue with the motion sensor in the livingroom. It showed Motion Detected @ 9:52pm and no matter what I did it would not change. I could see it activate as well , but the notification on the app would stay saying Motion Detected 9:52pm.
So I rebooted my phone , didn’t help. I rebooted the Wyze Cam that had the bridge , didn’t help. I even rebooted my WiFi , didn’t help.
In the app the Motion Sensor was showing 1 bar signal strength and a Normal battery , this is it’s usual working reading. The Door Sensor showed 3 Bars Signal strength and Normal Battery .
Nothing I did would correct this problem. Anybody else have this issue ? I was thinking maybe it was a Server issue at Wyze ? Maybe not relaying back to my app ? Just guessing. It’s odd that both sensors quit and showed the same time.
Thanks for your help

Hum …sounds like it’s the bridge that’s disconnecting.
I’d try and remove the bridge and do a hard reboot of the cam.
Plug the bridge back in and wait till it turns blue … sensors should auto connect and see if that helps.

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I had a similar issue but it was with 2 contact sensors. I just worked around it and finally contacted wyze chat support which was super helpful. In my scenario, i have 2 bridges and other sensors still working so i tried moving the sensors to another bridge and they would not connect. Then i tried adding them back to the original bridge, they also did not connect.
What support taught me is that if when you are pairing a contact sensor (not sure about motion) that if they LED blinks 5 times when its ready to pair, that means it is defective according. The rep is sending me 2 new sensors.
TLDR: chat support is helpful. and if when pairing, contact sensors blink 5 times (may just be more than three) they are defective.

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GKU2 & Atomriot

Thanks for your thoughts on this.
I ended up just waiting until the next morning , and when I checked them again they were working fine and have been ever since. So I’m not sure what the problem was.

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Good to hear good news especially now days.
Must have been one of them Wyze anomalies …