Instant Responding Door Sensor

Most door sensors on the market have a 5 second lag with my Amazon Alexa routines. If Wyze could create one with almost instant response time, that would be great.


Wyze v1 and v2 sensors currently have an almost instantaneous response time when contained within the Wyze ecosystem. Some lag/delay is expected when using cloud-based routines, but I’m not sure what amount is considered typical and acceptable when using Alexa. I’ve moved your request to the Services & Integrations category so that someone more familiar with Alexa can add to this topic.


I am optimistic that the new MATTER initiative will help future devices to authenticate with each other quicker and I am glad Wyze has committed to working being a part of MATTER too. Though it’s possible the standard might require different hardware be used. We’ll have to see.

For now, on the hub chimes, my sensors cause an instant chime, it is pretty cool, even if internet is down.

I think the Alexa routines delay has a lot to do with normal routing delays between third parties and authentication verification, etc…and then there are Alexa factors in and of themselves. I have some other devices using Google and Alexa and have similar slight delays sometimes.

Sometimes Wyze rules themselves will run fairly quickly and my exact same Alexa routines get weird delays of sometimes several minutes. That leads me to believe a good part of it is sadly out of Wyze’s control.

Still, I LOVE my Alexa routines, especially the ones that do announcements and such for things like person detection announcements, or flashing a bulb a certain color depending on the trigger, then turning it off after 10 seconds or whatever. I would also love for this to be improved. I really hope the MATTER initiative will be a good step in this direction to reduce the lag time between companies in general. I love being able to use everything together.


I am experiencing a lag of over 2 min from the time my wyze door sensor opens until it is announced on amazon dot. I have noticed that this gets better then it gets worse. Is there a way to reset it?

Unfortunately, I have not found a way to fix the Alexa inconsistencies. I have these issues with other companies’ devices too, so I am pretty confident it is an Alexa issue and that the delay must have something to do with their servers or processing in some way. I feel your pain though, it can be very frustrating for me too when the Alexa delays happen. It comes and goes. Most of the time it’s pretty quick, but once in a while those lags come and last for a period of time, sometimes several days, sometimes only an hour or two. I think it’s been improving to happen less frequently though.

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