Need to trigger more than 12sec video from contact sensor not motion detect

I have v2 camera and contact sensor on door. I have camplus subscription and have verified v2 camera is associated with camplus subscription. I have motion sense turned off. I dont want to record events unless the door sensor detects an opening. My problem is that still only getting 12sec of video. I want more than 12sec and i dont want it stored locally on the sd card. I do get more than 12 sec videos if i enable motion detect event on the camera. But i dont want to constantly trigger videos based on motion. I only want to initiate a recording on a door sensor open event. Any insight appreciated thx

Hello @ducksagain63 and welcome to the community.

It sound like your issue is you only want to record from a sensor triggered detection. Currently Cam Plus only works on motion triggered events. That is why when you enable the Detect Motion on the camera you get longer videos. That is the only way Cam Plus works, it currently does not work on videos triggered by sound or other sensors.

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Thanks jason for the info. Much appreciated

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