12 sec motion trigger video?

Hello I was wondering if it was a set up issue with my cameras or if it’s a known issue. I am subscribed to cam plus on all cameras. I don’t have any issues with normal video over the 12 second mark. Where I do see the 12 second threshold is from my videos that are pointed to my motion sensor to set to record upon trigger. I have tried resetting and removing the cam plus subscriptions from cameras and restarting but that doesn’t seem to help has anyone resolve this or seen this issue thanks

I am trying to find an answer to this, I have Cam Plus but don’t have anything setup like that and am not home to test for myself. There is a chance the Cam Plus is only set to record longer from motion detected from the cam. It is possible the @Mavens may know. I will call them in also.

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CamPlus doesn’t work when the recording is triggered by the sensors. Only motion detection by the camera triggers CamPlus. You also won’t get any AI alerts from the sensor videos. I know because I have some setup this way.


Checking in, I don’t have personal experience with this but sounds like @WildBill is in the know.

It would depend on the backend or programming but maybe this can be a wishlist item for a future feature?

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i only have one camera that records from a motion sensor but it does not have cam plus on it.
i think @WildBill has the right answer

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I believe this was brought up another time as it was being asked if once triggered it might be possible for the cam recording to “take over” im unable to find that post currently or any supporting documentation but I believe @WildBill is correct there as well.

I have a support ticket going on this as well and seems to be an issue with the rules engine.

I created a rule that uses motion detected by one WOC to trigger another WOC to “Upload a Short Video to Cloud”. The motion detecting camera detects motion and records a video to “Events” but the other cam does not upload a short video to the cloud as specified. When I check my rules history it shows that the rule has run successfully and uploaded a short video to the cloud but there are no videos from that cam anywhere to be found.

After doing a few days of troubleshooting and taking screenshots, I finally got the canned response from the Wyze associate I was working with saying it was being worked on.

Do you have any filters on in the event tab? Remove all filters and see if they show. It should show up as a smart video alert or something similar in the event tab.

I tried all filters on, all filters off, deleting and recreating the rule, turning the trigger time of day from off to a schedule, and no dice.

If the rule history says a vid was uploaded, where else could it go besides Events? No SD in the cam, only backup to the base SD. I suppose I could see if it shows up in the base SD but should still be showing up in Events regardless.

Do you have any non wco cameras? Can you change the rule action to fire a non wco camera to upload a clip? This will rule out the wco being in a “sleep state” being the issue.

It should upload to the cloud and be viewed from the event tab as the rule action is “Upload a Short Video to Cloud” after all. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately all I have are the WCO’s. You could be on to something though as far as the WCO being asleep causing this issue. I would assume a programmer would have thought about that and made the cam wake up to record a video but crap happens.

Maybe I’ll pick up a V3 this weekend and give that a shot.

Try this. Use your app and view the cam live so that it is awake. Now trigger the OTHER wco (the initial one that is set up to trigger the one you’ll be live streaming) to send the rule and see if the camera being awake lets the rule to work.

I’d think rule should wake up the other wco for the rule to run but this is just a trouble shooting step.

That’s a great idea! I’ll give this a try when I get home from work in a few hours.

I appreciate your help and troubleshooting ideas!

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@WildBill Thanks !! Great Tip. I guess time to share. I started collecting tips like this little jewel and saving them into documents grouped together so I can find them again vice trying to remember the details.

So, - keep’em coming W.B.

I just tried waking the one cam by using live stream while motion tripping the trigger cam with the same outcome - got an event video from the trigger cam and no vid uploaded to the cloud by the other.

Back to the drawing board. Might try that V3 yet though.

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Does the camera that is to be triggered make events of it’s own? Do those show up in the event tab? The rule history still shows it as successfully ran? Can you post a screenshot of your events tab?

So a brief explanation of how these are labeled: The “Polebarn” cam is the motion trigger and and the “Driveway” cam is the one to be triggered to record the video. The polebarn cam looks at the doors and approach to the building and the driveway cam shows a long distance view of the whole barn so I can get footage of any vehicles parked nearby.

So I tripped my driveway cam and it shows an event then I walk to the barn and trip that cam and it shows an event. Both cameras working properly :+1:t2:

This is the rules history showing the driveway cam being prompted for a short video and running successfully. But as you see in the previous screenshot, the driveway cam didn’t record a trigger event :-1:t2:

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Testing. My 3-2 is your pole barn and my 3-1 is your driveway. So I just created this rule:

Triggered a motion event on 3-2, and this occured:

In your event tab screenshot, you have all the filters enabled, remove them all and can you repost a screenshot of the event tab? Looking for an “automation” tagged event.

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Dang, I’m jealous that it works for you!

Here’s what I have with all filters off. It won’t let me turn off person detection so I don’t know what’s up with that. I don’t pay for CamPlus service and to my knowledge I’m way past any free trial I would have had.

I stand corrected! I went into the funnel icon and was able to turn off Person Detection with the checkbox next to it and there’s my automation event!

I would say I feel like an idiot but I feel like that Person button in the Events menu should have been able to be turned off without going into the funnel menu.

Either way, you are a genius my friend!

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