Sensor triggered videos longer than 12 seconds with CMC subscription

I subscribe to CMC on all 3 of my cameras. Currently videos triggered by motion sensors, and listed as “Smart video alert” in Events don’t benefit from the CMC longer recording time. Can we have it keep recording until the motion sensor clears?

Just purchased a Wyze Home Monitoring Bundle on sale, just to get the Wyze Sensor and Wyze Entry Sensors and the required Hub to make them work. (I have no need for Professional home Monitoring)

Seeing the option to get have a sensor record from multiple camera’s from one Sensor’s trigger looked to be a nice feature. Upon testing it, I see I get a grand total of 12 seconds of recording from each camera… what use is that?

Why aren’t my camera’s using the 1 minute recording with zero cooldown that I have setup on them with CamPlus?

I found your wishlist on a search for “Smart Video Alert”… is 'CMC" different from “Cam Plus” ?


The sensor videos aren’t part of CamPlus, but a separate feature. They only record 12 seconds with or without CamPlus. If you need the longer videos you’ll need to use the motion trigger for the camera to record.

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Thank you for the info, I will set it up that way.