How does Cam Plus work with a Wyze Sense motion triggered video?

I have a pair of camera’s being triggered to record by a motion sensor, not the camera’s themselves. I have a cam plus subscription and would like to have those 2 camera’s record the entirety of the movement not just the 12 second clip. Is there a way to configure my setup to have it record the entire movement that comes with the cam plus subscription and have it be triggered by a Wyze Sense motion sensor and not the camera’s? I have my camera’s pointed where plants blowing in the wind will trigger them much too often and the motion sensor has solved that problem for me hence how I have it setup.

Thanks in advance for reading my question, new to the forums but have had Wyze products for 15 months now!

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Welcome to the Wyze community!
I don’t believe there’s currently way to do this you could do it to the #wishlist. An alternative would be to us an SD card to continuously record video but it’s not the same as Cam Plus.


Hello @Brlepage thanks for the reply. I am new to the forums and not familiar with how to add something to the #wishlist but I certainly think this feature would be a great addition. I have a year subscription to CamPlus for both camera’s in question (I have a few more as well) and purchased that CamPlus with the intention of using it on those 2 camera’s. Sounds like I should move the subscription to another pair of camera’s or change my configuration?

Yes, you should do this if you want to use the current cameras with sensor videos