Advice about CMC Plus

Okay I’m looking for some advice here my fellow peeps lol.

I’m thinking about upgrading to the CMC PLUS on two of my cams that I have out front of my house. Now as with all my Wyze Cams, I have already purchased and installed microSD cards in each of them, so I have that ability to have 24/7/365 video coverage/recordings available if I need them.

As I can see there seems to be no real difference between this CMC PLUS and what I already have configured myself.

I guess basically what I’m looking for is am I missing something that would make this service a must have, should I get it or just continue doing what I’m doing??

Thanks in advance peeps :grin:

Person-detection is now included in Cam Plus, so there’s that.

CMC ensures you don’t miss an event due to the cooldown, and no 12-second limit on the event video means you don’t have to go searching through Playback to see what else happened after the initial motion trigger.

If you’re happy with what you have there’s no need to get Cam Plus, On the other hand, if you want convenience or maybe don’t want to put an SD card in every cam, Cam Plus is a nice add-on.

To add to that, Cam Plus would give you more of an offsite backup in the event that your camera was stolen or the SD card died.

Um guys I don’t know what you’re talking about?

According to the stickied announcements CMC no longer exists and all CMC accounts were upgraded to CamPlus. It’s not as if the poster has a choice between two services?

My account says I have cam plus but I’m still only able to record 12 sec video. There’s is no option for CMC. I also try to purchase the annual plan and it keeps refunding the charge :woman_shrugging:

As pointed out by @Customer CMC no longer exists in that form, it is now called CamPlus and has Person Detection added to it

So am I not able to record more than 12 sec video on cam plus?

CamPlus is the new name for CMC, CMC itself no longer exists, it is now called CamPlus and also includes Person Detection. So yes you will get longer than 12 second clips on CamPlus

Well it doesn’t work for me and I supposedly have cam plus. :woman_shrugging: I mean doesn’t this mean I a cam plus member?


Yes, Plus Member means you have CAM Plus.
Have you gone to Account, Services, Cam Plus and enabled it for your camera(s)?

I see you’re discussing this in another thread and again in this thread. We should keep this all together. It’s confusing to have your questions trying to be answered multiple times.

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Bought 8 licenses last night. This morning it’s not working right…

Person marked as motion

Bird marked as Person

Also curious my main screen on app shows cam plus member but I don’t see anywhere to activate it. I have not signed up for any services before.

It doesn’t show cam plus on my services but it shows I have cam plus on my account

What version of the app are you using?

Mine Is 2.12.29 do not have options In services for cam plus but on main account page it shows cam plus member

Latest one 2.12.29

Same with me

I’m having the same issue, my app is updated and I have activated cam plus for one camera and it is only recording the usual 12 seconds.