CAM 2 no longer recording

My Cam 1 and Cam 2 cameras have been champs for a few years now. Today they no longer record videos despite having an SD Card installed and working fine.

I recall seeing an inordinate amount of emails about purchasing a new camera “plus,” but I’m quite content with the ones we have.

I’ve checked the software build and recycled the cameras, but nothing works.

Anyone else ? Thoughts for a novice ?

Are you referring to the Event Video’s not being found anymore? If so, and you are not subscribed to Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite, you will only get thumbnail notifications now. In order to receive the 12 second Video’s, 5 Minute Cool Down, with the added Person detection, you will need to subscribe to Cam Plus Lite.

Note: Cam Plus Lite is a currently a pay what you want subscription. You can still subscribe for $0 and continue with what you had before with the added Person detection.


TY. Appreciated. I’ve never been a fan of the lights associated with a camera’s trigger. I’m not interested in an upgrade in hardware b/c we’re perfectly content with our present configuration. The short videos simply stopped recording to the SD card and I even swapped it out, but two SDs cannot go bad at the same time :slight_smile: The cameras we have now are simply not that old and not even close to end-of-life.

You’re not getting the point. All those E-mail messages and @spamoni4 's response are not about hardware upgrades. They are about changes to software and services. That’s what “CamPlus” and “CamPlus Lite” are - subscription services for your existing cameras.

And there never were “short” recordings to SD card. I’m guessing you were viewing the Events tab all along - the short 12 second videos - but thought that you were seeing videos on your SD card? The SD recordings are found only under View Playback for each camera…


This latest reply is especially helpful. I guess I really did not understand what was happening. I would have bet a paycheck that the 12-second videos were being stored to an SD Card, and that seeing and managing videos was not possible WITHOUT an SD Card.

I also thought all the prompts to buy a Cam “Plus Lite” meant to buy a new camera which also was connected to a flood light (“Camera plus a light” = “Cam Plus Lite” for short).

But now I’m more confused when I started b/c both my Cam Version 1 and Cam Version 2 are both recording the normal 12-second videos normally on March 8 a day after they stopped. I guess I’m happy and won’t bring this up anymore…ignorance is bliss.

Maybe. If you ever had “legacy person detection” or any active CamPlus subscription they would have converted you to Lite automatically. It’s kind of a mess. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Anything in your event tab of the app is your cloud storage, and anything viewed via the playback button off the live view page or in the link in the cloud clips is your local storage (SD card). Cloud storage and local storage are independent and separate functions.

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@John stanton, You are correct, the rest of the folks on this thread are totally missing the point. Here it is, Wyze just rendered your Micro SD cards worthless, they want us to subscribe to the camplus, that’s MRR for the company. They can’t make money if we only store to our on board memory. So they made it very inconvenient to review events real time with a very bad interface that is cumbersome at best as the only option. Wyze could have killed that too, but it seems they would piss off 1000’s of people that have spent twice to triple what the camera costs in on board storage.

MicroSD card storage works the same today as it has worked in the past regardless of subscription type or no subscription at all.


If, in the past, you were viewing recordings on the Events tab in the Wyze app, you were never ever viewing SD card videos. Those were all cloud storage. Yes, now Wyze demands you click a few buttons, once, and insist on a $0 contribution in order to get that cloud storage back.

It’s mildly annoying. It’s not hard. Wyze did ZERO to harm the previously existing SD card recording features. You probably just weren’t actually using them!

Last I read, Wyze had updated their sd card formatting software module. because Wyze started paying for a licence. to use the Module.

May be you need to do a sd card format .

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Yeh I was pretty disappointed that my cameras are useless now. If I wanted to pay for watching my videos I would have looked at other options. Brutal purchasing a product then having the features you bought it for become unusable. Looks like it’s time to buy a different product.

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Yeh I agree with you guys I was very disappointed to see that the features I bought my camera for were suddenly taken away. If I wanted a monitored system I would have bought one and paid for it monthly. Looks like I will be finding a new system.

I had bought the wyze cameras because I did not want subscriptions to be able to record video and the price and night vision were good. For what I would pay for my wyze cameras to record video on the sd card I could pay for a 4K wired system with DVR in a few years and no subscriptions ever. I feel cheated despite what some fine print may have said somewhere. I will be getting another system.

I feel validated by the additional comments , aka I’m right ! If we were sitting in room as a customer focus group we would saying these things and Wyze would realize they are angering their early adopters who took a leap of faith on their unknown products. By the way I am a wyze house” cameras, hvac controls, scales, smart plugs. ALL have failed and have been replaced and I am sticking with them. However, I would never recommend the products, too buggy and their support for them just drops, age old lesson you get what you pay for.

My cameras stopped recording. I followed the instructions on the Youtube page on how to subscribe to Wyze lite cam but that won’t work either.

Mine stopped working about a month ago and I pay for the subscription. I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to the subscription plans. Their support is non-existent, too. Such a shame.