CamPlus Lite Local SD missing recording

Just activated CAMplus Lite from PD Legacy

Went to wave in front of Camera.


  1. No Person detected but Motion

  2. goto Playback, the video does not capture the first 12 seconds of video.
    (missing me waving) then sd card start recording. (found issue, actual it does record 12 seconds…see edit)

  3. Sound recording is extremely low. I can barely hear sound at full volume with plug in ear phone

Anyone tested their V2?


I checked again the Play back
It has 30 seconds of buffing beginning.
So, the actual action starts after 30 seconds comparing to old system that is 5 seconds buffer at beginning.

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I don’t have any of my cams’ SD recording set to Events Only… all are set to Continuous. I haven’t noticed any issues, but they’ve been running under the new CPL for only 6 hours. Hold on and I’ll switch a v2 and a v3 cam to Events Only for a quick test…

Update: Ran the test 4 times. Both v2 and v3 cams running Cam Plus Lite with SD recording set to Events Only resulted in Person Detection notifications, Person Detection cloud Events and SD recorded Events. Clicking the notifications resulted in the correct Event being displayed. The Events for both cams had a 2-sec lead-in and a max time of 12 seconds. Subsequently clicking the Playback icon for both cam type Events resulted in a “No SD Card Found” message. That’s a problem. :expressionless: Clicking the same Event from the Event tab and clicking the Playback icon resulted in the correct SD Event being displayed so what is being recorded on my SD cards is correct and accessible.

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I just turned on person detection (CPL) on a V2. Everything works well. If I click on the event I have about 3 seconds before the event. The sound is as before. As you know, my cameras are all continuously recording.


Just set my cams back to Continuous Recording and will rerun the tests in a few hours…

It’s definitely broken… regardless of SD recording setting, tapping on an Event notification, then tapping on the Playback icon results in a no SD card error. This isn’t related to CPL, it’s across the board. :confused: I’m testing under Android. Are you seeing the same under iOS? Will get to iOS testing tomorrow…


When I cIick on the notificaton right after (now) I received it, it brings me to the live viewing with a big green button written playback. If I click it, it brings me at the right place of the event on the card.

If I wait a couple of seconds before clicking the notification, it brings me to the 12sec event correctly with all the button in the bottom like it was before. If I click playback, It brings me to the right place of the event on the card.


Looks like we’re going to have to submit dev logs and write this up if it’s not already out here somewhere. I’ll also run it up the ladder to Wyze. Thank you for checking this out on the iOS side. I’ll be submitting logs for both Android and iOS sometime late tomorrow.