Sd card stores more of event then camplus

I’ve a v3 camera w/ a microsd and camplus. The sdcard is setup to record events only, and I noticed today that the sdcard playback for an event overnight actually has several seconds of additional (and relevant) video from before the motion event as compared to camplus. I’d have thought they’d be the same.

Has anyone else noticed that the local event recording to sd has more video? Is this a bug with camplus?

(PS, i do wish there was better playback controls for the sd card, and the ability to download without physically pulling the sdcard. Oh, and it’d be nice if it stored more video from before the motion event – like 2minutes)

OK, here is the difference. The uSD card records 1 minute blocks (based on clock time). If there is an event during the minute, the minute is saved. So if the event happens 3 seconds into the minute, you get 3 seconds before the event and 57 seconds after the event. If the event happens 54 seconds into the minute, you get 54 seconds before the event and 6 seconds after the event. If the event also happens in the next minute, that minute will be recorded. Cam plus does not work that way.

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Yes thats normal, when your doing a playback hit record, download to your device

I have the ODC and didn’t bother putting in the sd card since I have +. I actually wasn’t even sure it would worth in addition to +, but I may as well put it in I guess.

Thanks K6CCC, that makes sense. That’d imply that it wouldn’t be too hard for wyze to change the sw to temporarily hold the previous minute or two and make those permanent if a motion event happens.

Oftentimes, there is relevant video from just before the motion event is triggered, and it’s helpful to have that context.

Yep. Has a lot to do with why I have uSD cards in all of my cameras and all are set to continuous recording.

Same here all cams have sd cards, plus all have cam +

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