SD card benefit?

Hi. Can someone tell me what the benefit is of having an SD card? When I see a trigger for an event and go to look at it I occasionally get a pop error “Your video was not successfully uploaded to the cloud…” If it has an SD card why is the event not played from the SD card?

The SD card works for me as a backup when the CamPlus fails to upload or misses an event, accessing the SD card video through the app at same time the event was missed.


The “EVENTS” Tab is all about cloud uploads.

To access the SD card recordings, select the home tab then the camera you want to review. Then select “View Playback” and THAT is where the SD recordings are.

Alternatively you can access the event from the events tab, then click on payback, and it will take you to that location on the SD card instead of viewing the cloud recording.

If you are getting the cloud error message, try rebooting your camera. Sometimes that fixes the cloud issue. If not, they should be doing another firmware update. I am having this problem occasionally with some of my cams too (it won’t fix past recordings though, just might allow the newer ones to work).

So to answer the benefit…if you don’t have cam plus, cloud even videos are only 12 seconds long and have a 5 minute cooldown period (it won’t record another 12 second clip or send you a notification if motion was detected less than 5 minutes ago). If you have cam plus, it will record whenever it detects motion, but sometimes still misses things you wish it did record, maybe they were too small or far away or the sensitivity wasn’t high enough or something. With an SD card you can have it record everything 24/7 no matter what. So if an event wasn’t sent to the cloud, you can still go look during that time and find it.


Good question why they don’t automatically switch to the SD card when there is a problem with the cloud. Sounds like a great wishlist item! :slight_smile:

The SD card is generally to record events that may not have been captured due to the 5-minute cooldown, or because your sensitivity or detection zone settings didn’t trigger a recording. It will also let you see beyond the 12-second limit of non-Cam Plus cloud recordings.

To see a longer clip from an event window you just need to press the ‘Playback’ button below the event. To see missing events, you would need to go to the camera’s live view playback button, and dial up the time of the event. Transitory events will be harder to find than, say when a car or package appeared or disappeared.


I have SD cards in 2 of my cams but they won’t record. In fact, the 12 second videos with Cam Plus Lite are hit and miss, mostly miss. I subscribed to Cam Plus and canceled the same day because it wouldn’t work after chatting with Wyze help for over an hour. 3 days ago I called the help line and they had me submit a log. No one has gotten back to me and the problems are ongoing.

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Yesterday, we had a thunderstorm come through. But right beforehand I saw lightning, and then a second later, kaboom, and everything flickered. The power didn’t go out but for a second, but my internet was down for most of the afternoon. I thought I’d have nothing on the cams, but forgot that although I couldn’t access, they were still recording, so I didn’t lose any footage.

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