No events from V2 Camera

My V2 camera has stopped recording events. It has an SD card and does not use Cam Plus cloud recording. It has worked fine until about a week ago. The iOS app and firmware are up to date. In Settings->Event_Recording I have both Record Motion Events and Record Sound Events turned on. The Schedule is set to All-day. I have restarted the camera and power cycled it. I’ve force quit the app. The video is recorded on the SD card.

I also have the doorbell camera. It is still recording events as before.

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Without CamPlus or CamPlus Lite you won’t get any cloud recordings, just thumbnails. The recording settings are irrelevant since you have no subscription.

That’s not correct. You can record to SD and view through the app. Without either service.

To thread starter: I haven’t gotten any alerts on my V2 since the last app update because they broke it.

Thanks. It’s not unique to me then.

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I have the same issue too. Just a few days a go there was an incident I wanted to check, and was surprised not to see any events listed (I have CamPlus). Turns out that recording was turned off 2 weeks previously. I did not turn it off, nor did my wife. No problem, I thought I’d look at the SD card recording, except the camera reports there is no SD card - even though there is one fitted and tested working earlier this year.

I checked 8 cameras, and 2 had event recording turned off and SD cards corrupted. Not a good percentage.

Looks like I will either have to replace all my Wyze cams, or check them daily. It may be worth paying more for reliable equipment and software.