Please can someone explain Cam Plus

I want to buy the Cam Plus for the house, and want to get a camera for our office waiting room with Cam Plus. But, can someone please explain all of this to me as if I am in grade school. Here is what I need to know and I did some reading but want to make sure I am correct.

The Cam Plus records when there is activity in the frame correct and continuously in 5 min segments?

Will there be a way to copy the recording if needed for official police records? I ask because we run a Recycling yard, we have our own cameras but we want one in the outer office area, to put one there requires rewiring which would be costly and the Wyze Cam would be very reasonable.

Now for the one I can’t find. Where do I see the recordings, in the app or on a web page? And if in the App, were about and if a web page, where?

Thank you so very much for any help anyone can give me, being old is no fun with technology advancing the way it does. I try to keep up but get lost at times.

@rox33anne , I have 10 Wyze CamV3, a Wyze PanCam, and a Wyze Doorbell. I have CamPlus on all of them. I pay for 11 subscriptions. 1 is free with my Wyze Home Monitoring System.

Q: The Cam Plus records when there is activity in the frame correct and continuously in 5 min segments?

A: My CamPlus starts recording when it detects what I tell that specific cam to watch for: a Person, a Package, a Vehicle, or a Pet or any possible combination of these. It can also be set for recording ALL motion but this becomes overwhelming. It records until the motion stops, for however long that is. I never heard of a 5 minute limit. Most of mine are between 20 seconds and several minutes. The only 5 min I recall is the 5 min cool down between video recordings if you don’t have CamPlus.

Q: Will there be a way to copy the recording if needed for official police records?

A: with CamPlus, each full length event video is recorded to the Wyze Cloud and stored there for 14 days. During that 14 days, you have the option to view and download the mp4 video or directly share it thru the share feature on your phone OS (email, text, socials etc) if you have a SD card installed running continuous record, you also have all the “uncut” video there that you can download. When viewing the Cloud stored event clip, there is a button that will take you to the exact time spot on the SD card when the video was recorded. You can then play, pause, rewind, fast forward, still photo, or record. You don’t have to take the SD card out. It reads it direct from the cam.

Q: Where do I see the recordings, in the app or on a web page? And if in the App, were about and if a web page, where?

A: on my Android, because I have push notifications on in the Wyze app, I get a notification every time an ‘event’ video has been captured to the cloud. If I click on the notification it launches the Wyze app and takes me directly to the video and plays it for me. Sometimes it is still recording and takes me to the ‘live’ video. But, all your videos are listed in chronological order, sorted by day and hour, on the EVENTS tab in the app. I don’t use the web page so I can’t speak to access there. I am sure there is someone here who does though.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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Oh my goodness, thank you so much that is exactly how I needed it explained. That was perfect. It sounds like this would work for me our our business pay area. We want to get a better view of the customer for police reason, not everything that get recycled is by an honest person. I think I know what you are talking about in the app, one day I went a looking and seen that, but since I never had anything on it I did not know what it was. So I guess I have to set the detections in order for it to record. That would be easy at work, I would just do the people detection. As for the 5 minute thing, I read that here on the site, I really did not understand it, but it was something like, it would record the whole thing and something about 5 minute increments. or something, I wish I could find it again but I went a looking and could not see it. If I find it I will post it.
Thank you so much again for the explanations it really helped. For some reason I can not buy the plus when I add cameras to my cart, I guess I have to add it when they arrive so it knows which one to put it for.

Update, I found it, I guess it was by a poster, but don’t know how true this is.

For all other cameras that plug in (ie: V1, V2, V3, Pan V1, Pan V2, original Video Doorbell, etc), you are automatically set to and kept at the maximum recording settings: No cooldown, and continuous recording as long as there is motion (if motion continues for longer 5 minutes straight, it will break the recording into 5 minute “Chapters” but it will keep recording everything).

So does that mean each segment, ie chapters is 5 minutes long if recording is longer than 5 minutes?

My pleasure. A couple of more things I thought of from your response post:

Since you already have a cam without CamPlus, yes your settings on that cam from within the app will determine what gets recorded to the cloud. Pay specific attention to the DETECTION SETTINGS - MOTION SENSITIVITY and under EVENT RECORDING. The Smart Recording is where the CamPlus settings are. Once you set up for recording, you will see your EVENTS tab start populating. Be aware that the buttons at the top of the Events tab are used to show only those types of events. So if you have only PET selected, it won’t show you your person videos even though they are still there in the cloud. But remember, without CamPlus, you get short video only and a 5 minute break between event recordings. A lot can happen in that 5 minutes.

Lastly, since you only are concerned with video of people, perhaps consider CamPlus Lite. It is the same as CamPlus, but you ONLY get Person Detection and only 12 second video and 5 min cooldown. It is also available for $ Name your own price. You can pay $0 or more if you want. It can also serve as a trial run to see if CamPlus is what you need\want.

Here is a comparison of CamPlus and with all the features:

Good luck!

Can’t speak to that 5 minute length limit. Don’t know that I have ever had a video that long. But, from that description, it sounds like it just breaks the video into separate 5 minute videos to keep the individual file size manageable.

I just remembered something… I believe every Cam gets a free 14 day CamPlus trial when you set it up. You should be able to try it before you buy it. If this has changed, I know there is a trial button somewhere when registering for a subscription.

Thank you, that is how I took it, so the files don’t end up taking a large chunk of mb/gb if someone needs to downland them.

Thank you for the info on the Cam Plus Lite, I seen that when it first came out but was not sure what it was since I was to set my own price. I didn’t totally understand that. But since if I can put 0 just to see how it all works might be a +, or at least till I can figure out how to run it all. For work I might get the goolge hub with Cam deal, seems good since I will need something to view on the camera with, and then I would use the web base set up. I hope that will work out.
For me at home I will just use my phone.
Thank you so much again

I seen the trials when I bought my first cameras, but since I had no idea how to run them the 14 days came and went. But that is a good idea, I forgot about the 14 day trial. I can check it out with the new cams I get.