"Plus - Person" Event filter glitch?

I was having problems running a trigger rule and started a support ticket (1309861) and came to the forums for some ideas.

@Omgitstony figured out that I wasn’t seeing videos uploaded by the trigger because I had filters turned on, which Wyze Support asked me about as well . The Person filter, when pressed to turn off, would pop a CamPlus ad and upon backing out would not turn off so I thought it just stayed on all the time.

Here’s a link to that thread:

So yesterday, I went into the funnel icon and for the first time ever there was a check box next to “Person”. I unchecked the box, and all the Automation events from the trigger showed up. I went back to Events and Person had a lock next to it and wouldn’t let me reactivate it. Today, there is no lock, it says “Plus” next to it and will let me reactivate it.

Yesterday before turning Person off from funnel menu:

Yesterday after turning Person off and can’t turn back on:

Today, Events tab sporting no lock icon but now says “Plus” next to Person and can be turned on and off:

What the hell is going on with this? The support ticket I started went on for a week for this and support didn’t seem to catch it from my screenshots.

The other post was not in the beta section of the forum, but this post is in the beta section of the forum. Can you confirm what app version you are using and if it is beta or not??

If you’re using the production version of the app, support tickets and logs go to the main Support and get a response. But if you are using beta software logs and tickets go to the engineers and devs so they can review the issues because it is beta software and it’s technically not polished and finalized. Stuff that gets sent to the engineers and devs typically does not get a response on they just receive the information.

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I am using the the Beta app and firmware but I was sending info back and forth with Wyze Support for a week so they must reply to some Beta issues. I jumped in on the other thread because I seemed to be having a similar issue as the OP.

Decided to bring this here to see if it was an issue with the Beta app since it has seemed to change overnight.

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