Person Detection filtering not working in Events

I subscribed to Person Detection-only (not Cam Plus) last week on 2020-09-11, but I’m not sure if it’s working. If I go to Events, and tap Person, I get a pop up telling me about Cam Plus:

If I tap “Remind me later”, it simply returns to the screen, but the “Person” button isn’t highlighted like it is if I tap “Motion” or “Cameras”… it also doesn’t display anything different, the event clips it shows are the same. It does this every time, I haven’t ever been able to get it to filter properly on “Person”.

This article suggests I should be able to filter by Person:

" * Filter your video recordings to only show videos with people."

I’m running the latest Wyze App, v2.13.22 for iOS and firmware, for my WyzeCam V2s.

My cameras do have “Person” toggled on under Notifications, and when I go to Services, it shows “Person Detection (Pilot)” with my cameras enabled.

Is anybody else seeing the same behavior? Am I misunderstanding the features?

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There is a topic about it here:

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Thanks, I’ll post over there!

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Yes. I used chat. I was told to make sure the Cam Plus bets/pilot was disabled/unchecked under Services. Then I was told to toggle the Person Detection for each cam off and then on. That worked for me being able to enable Person filter on Events.

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Thanks @johnway! I think toggling it off and back on under Account > Services > Person Detection fixed it for me too!

Apparently this only works for the current app session. When I closed the app and reopened, the same problem occurred.


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Yah, confirmed, rebooting the app makes it revert back to showing the Cam Plus pop-up.