Cam Plus Sale Pitch Ad Keeps blocking my Person Detection button

So I have been having problems with one of my Wyze Cams only doing live video, right around the time they offered name your price Person detection. Ever since one of my Cam v2 quit working and I keep daily getting this Sale Pitch Ad for Cam Plus. At the bottom it say remind me later. The problem is it won’t let me hit the Person button on the top left hand of the screen. Motion is fine as is # of cameras. If I hit remind me later the ad will disappear until I hit the Person button. I signed up for the 12 sec People feature and this started happening. It is fine on my cell but not my ipad. But it did it the other day on my cell. Something going on with these cameras. Why am I getting this add when I clearly paid for Person Detection. I wonder if this is what messed up my 3rd cam v2 also that will now only view live after reset. This all happened in the timing of me getting Person Detection. I’m starting to get annoyed. Is there a way to send a picture of the screen and what it is doing? Sorry if all over the place, I am old and tired, l0l thanks for patience

This may be your issue, it’s being worked on:

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