Name Your Price Person Detection

Anybody else get the email for name your price person detection but not have the option after clicking the link? Did they send the email to non-legacy users as well on accident? I didn’t think I was legacy, but after I got the email, I was hoping that they liked me enough to include me anyway :slight_smile:

Did you create your Wyze account before November 26, 2019?

I got the email today 9/10. Subscribed to the person detection/ 12 second option I am a legacy user with 16 total cameras in use. My question is in the ios app update issued on 9/9 will i be able to filter my notifications to show just person. Right now it says this is avail for cam plus subscribers. When i click person as the category i want to see it keeps prompting me to upgrade to cam plus. It should be available to subscribers of both plans. As we are buying person detection with either plan. Wyze please address and fix this in the IOS app thank you. Remember we are now paying for what was promised for free. At least I am,Please give us the full access which is filtering to person detection. Thank you!


I did not, but I still got the email that said I was one of the people it would be available to.

So is it billed in US funds?

Yes I used paypal to pay my subscription fee that I chose

Isn’t it odd?

I didn’t have to choose from:

ReallyscrewedoverLITE OR Screwedovernicer MAX OR Screwedoverwithallthebellsandwhistles PRO

Thank you WYZE for being different!

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Wyze … The Name Your Own Price “Donation” feels like you are quilting us into giving this “Donation” …
Why not be transparent and let us know the true cost of providing cloud based person detection ?
Currently I do not trust Wyze due to the many mistakes, poor product quality and releases along with poor customer support . I would not donate to anyone I don’t trust .
Transparency and knowing your true cost will go a long way in helping users understand and possibly build some trust back . .

This is getting confusing and concerning.

My problem with making a meaningful payment is that person detection seems to work about 50% of the time… It’s seems hard to justify paying for something that feels like it’s still in development.


I agree with you but…
It could be that Wyze doesn’t want to make it mandatory to pay because they said that it would be free. If they made everyone pay, they would have the same issues as with the WCO. Some people would be ok, some would be really upset.
I think they should have a plan for only person detection.

I didn’t get the email, but for some reason I tend to get Wyze letters a couple days after I see things posted here about whatever it is. And yes, I’ve been with Wyze long before last November.

Try to see if you can get the pay what you want plan!

Yes, I was able to see the option for name your price person detection. I just always seem to get the emails later than others. It could be that they batch the emails and my name is in a later batch.

Does Person Detection work with V2_RTSP_4.28.4.41 & Pan_rtsp_4.29.4.41 Firmware?

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Person detection currently doesn’t work with RTSP

I have the exact same problem. Events record but I don’t see any person events (I should) and filtering says upgrade to CamPlus. This shouldn’t happen.

When you go thru to the ‘subscribe’ bit they do say

" Upgrade your Wyze Cam to notify you when a person is detected in a 12-second Event video. For full-length person detection videos, get Cam Plus

Name your price. our suggested donation is $1.48 to cover our costs to provide this service*

Then they must fix that. That filtering has always worked before, without CamPlus.

I’m having the same issue. I paid the donation plus some. I can not filter the person detection events though. When I click on person it just pops up an add telling me to sign up for cam plus.

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Do the events still have the blue/green “person” badge on them? They do for me, but I get the same “subscribe to Cam Plus” messages. @WyzeTeam please fix this!

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