Person detection / Cam+

I subscribed to the “name your price” person detection, which covers all of my cameras. I have it activated on all except one. That one cam is saying it is part of Cam+. I have never signed up for Cam+ . Anyone else experiencing this? I am all on indoor cam v2.

They have been forcing 14 day CamPlus trials every time you touch a camera lately. That’s probably what happened, so it will probably expire.

Question: can you use Person filters on Events for your account? People have been saying the filter no longer works with name your price PD.

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That camera did have a trial, which is expired but it doesn’t allow me to set person detection on it. It still thinks it is a Cam+ camera.

Yes, initially the person filters worked but now they don’t and instead directs to subscribe to Cam+

Jeb Sundgren

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Thank you. It sounds like they still have work to do. After your confirmation I started a new topic.


We should at least be able to choose when the 14 days starts. No people here in my yard. It would be a lost more useful for me to detect angry skunks or rabid coyotes.

I think you sort of can? Others have reported the trial restarts if you re-register the camera. I can’t confirm this.