Person detection pilot, name your price confusion

Ok here we go. I have person detection on my old v2. I just received my V3. I set it up and it worked flawlessly with people detection. For about one day. Looking in the app I see the detection is gone and I’ve been given a free subscription to cam plus. I accepted it to get people detection back but I don’t need all the features. Is person detection going to return to my V3 when this trial is over?

The V3 doesn’t have Person Detection without Cam Plus. A new V3 automatically gets a 2-week subscription to Cam Plus, which is what you likely saw on day 1. Sounds like yours got deselected at some point.

Only cams born fore Cam Plus (V2s and Pans) can use the Person Detection Pilot (name your price). The V3 will lose its person detection without a Cam Plus subscription.


To add to this, the registration to avail of that feature has passed (I believe). So if you haven’t registered your cameras, you’re out of luck.

Yes, there was a time limit to accept that offer. You could even offer $0 without any issue. But that offer expired. So if you didn’t avail yourself of the opportunity, Cam Plus is your only option now.