BUG: Name Your Price Breaks Person Filters

I having same problem. And on top of it it put the
14 day trail on the wrong camera and when I reached out got message
me email couldn’t be delivered

You can move it to any camera within the Account > Services > Cam Plus settings.


Not only do I have the same problem, but also I wonder why after subscribing to Name your Price I still don’t see the service listed in the Service section of the app. The only activated service I see is Person Detection Pilot, which I understand is a different service that was rolled out a long time before.

I didn’t see this and made a separate post, but copying that over here:

I subscribed to Person Detection-only (not Cam Plus) last week on 2020-09-11, but I’m not sure if it’s working. If I go to Events, and tap Person, I get a pop up telling me about Cam Plus:

If I tap “Remind me later”, it simply returns to the screen, but the “Person” button isn’t highlighted like it is if I tap “Motion” or “Cameras”… it also doesn’t display anything different, the event clips it shows are the same. It does this every time, I haven’t ever been able to get it to filter properly on “Person”.

This article suggests I should be able to filter by Person:


" * Filter your video recordings to only show videos with people."

I’m running the latest Wyze App, v2.13.22 for iOS and firmware, for my WyzeCam V2s.

My cameras do have “Person” toggled on under Notifications, and when I go to Services, it shows “Person Detection (Pilot)” with my cameras enabled.

Props to @johnway for the tip, I toggled Person Detection Off and back On for each camera, under Account > Services > Person Detection and that seems to have fixed it for me.

Edit: restarting the app (swiping up on it in iOS) seems to revert the behavior back to where the Cam Plus popup re-appears when tapping the Person button.

That’s what he reported from tech support. How come they know this but haven’t bothered to tell us here?

Is this workaround working for everyone and also surviving app restarts and reboots?

That fix doesn’t work anymore after a single reboot of the app.

El El vie, 18 de sep. de 2020 a la(s) 19:42, Customer via Wyze Community <wyze@discoursemail.com> escribió:

@sleahcim please let us know if that workaround survives a reboot for you. If not, it is worthless.

Sorry, that’s correct, if you reboot your app it reverts the behavior and you have to toggle it off and on again.

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You don’t need to toggle them on and off, you just need to open de services section and then go back to events. Of course you have to do it everytime you reboot the app which is annoying.

El El vie, 18 de sep. de 2020 a la(s) 20:18, sleahcim via Wyze Community <wyze@discoursemail.com> escribió:

Person Detection (Pilot) is the Name Your Price feature that you paid for.

I had the same issue, but I assumed that it was called Person Detection Pilot. It was confusing that the order of explained setup steps didn’t match my experience. I ended up cancelling my subscription since it didn’t work. I might try again later once Wyze gets this sorted out.

@UserCustomerGwen is there any update on this? Can you confirm this filtering failure is a bug and not an exclusion (like WCO support for name your price PD is)?

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Its weird. My Alexa devices announces when a person is detected on Outdoor Cam and the other cams in about the same amount of time. 10 to 20 seconds. The wyze app takes about another 20 to 30 seconds later to notify me on my phone app.

I don’t see person detection in few cams others were ok even without name your price detection, pls, do more QA.

The filtering by person is in fact a bug and will be available to the legacy ‘pay what you want’ users.


I didn’t even know Alexa had Person announcements. Thanks for bringing this up. I just turned it on. :100:

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I wonder if person detection in Amazon is done through Amazon, or alongside Person Detection in Wyze?

I just answered my own question. Amazon Person Notifications only work if Wyze Person Detection is turned on.

Also, I just found out that Wyze Person Detection will only work if I’m facing the camera. If I have my back to it, it does not see a person. Tried a few times with same results.


Wow, had not noticed that. Will pay attention for it now!

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