Event quick filter buttons missing in Wyze App

I am really down the rabbit hole trying to figure out, why I am only getting a small percentage of my event notifications.

Tech support had me power down all cams, uninstall the app, reinstall the app (Android from the app store), unassign all 12 CamPlus licenses, reassign all 12 CamPlus licenses, and repower all cams.

This created the need to then reset\adjust the event detection settings in every Cam.

Now, when I go to the events tab in the app, the ONLY quick filter button I have is for PERSON. Where did the buttons go for the VEHICLE & PACKAGE? I also thought I remember PETS being in there before too.

Has anyone else experienced this? It almost looks like my cams only have CamPlus Lite now. All my cams are listed and confirmed in my CamPlus list in the services tab.

This is the default settings, To add other AI to the list, go to the Funnel (Filter) top right and scroll down to the AI Section. then select the options you would like to filter on.

This will add them to the main bar highlighted as the Person one is. Then it becomes a toggle to turn on and off. If you go back to the filter, you can uncheck the ones you don’t want to see.


You have earned your gold :star: for the day! Disaster averted! Problem solved! :white_check_mark:

Now I need to remember where I put my memory pills. :thought_balloon: Because I do not remember setting that before.

Thanks for the assist!


My pleasure, glad I could help out


This is some damn confusing UI. With no filter selected in funnel (clear all), Person / Motion filters are shown but Person filter does not work.

With Person filter selected in funnel, person filter can’t be toggled off, making it look like no recording exists.

Cam Plus Only Filter buttons and Triggered By buttons are actually OR relation, yet Triggered by is always a superset of Cam Plus Only Filter.

Confusing as hell, with broken defaults (Person button does not work). Please design an actually usable UI…

Welcome to the User Community Forum @hrrghggrgrrg4.

When no boxes are selected within the Filter management page, the Events tab will show every event recorded on every cam. Deselecting everything within the Filter management page is turning off ALL filters… Filter nothing. At this point all “Quick Filter” buttons at the top should be blank and every video is listed in reverse chronological order.

You may not see any Person Events because you have to scroll down through all the Motion events to find one.

Pressing the Person Quick Filter button should bring up only Person Events.

The CamPlus Only filters will show only Smart AI Event videos that have been tagged with that AI tag.

You are correct, when you have the CamPlus Smart AI Tag filters on, it will not show Motion Only or Sound Only triggered events. But when only Triggered by Motion is on and CamPlus Smart AI is off, both motion only and Smart AI tagged are shown. This is because all of these videos were initiated by a motion event.

If you start with all the filters off and only turn on that which you want to see, it should populate the Events tab with those videos.

When you say the Person Default is broken, what does that mean? Are you talking about the quick filter button at the top of the events page? It should turn blue when it is on.

Cam Plus Person button often does not work in andorid app (doesn’t do anything when clicked on, the button doesn’t turn purple). This issue was introduced in the past year I think, very annoying.

Interesting. That may be a bug within the specific app OS and Version you are using. I am not able to reproduce that malfunction.

This may be a long shot… But I start to have problems when clicking certain buttons in the app, they won’t toggle or activate unless I press several times.

I have learned that this starts to happen when my screen protector starts to get old and tired. It starts to develop dead spots. Something to do with the special contact film they use on the backside of the glass to make it touch reactive.

When I change to a new one, all is good again.

If you have a screen protector this may be why this is happening???