Motion sensor / Contact sensors in area of Cameras View?

Is there any reason to put a motion sensor or contact sensor in an area within the cameras view. For example in my basement the two windows and the basement door are all in the cameras view. As the camera can detect motion if someone tired to get in the window or open the door is there any real reason to put contact sensors on the windows or door. Or would there be any reason to add a motion sensor to that area.

Are the motion sensors and contact sensors more accurate with notifications. The motion sensor seems to reset every 60 seconds. The camera has a 5 min cool off.

Does anyone double up so to speak? Beside extra money I don’t see any downside. Is there any down side?

Is there a really good upside?


There are many people who double up mainly as way to get around the 5 minute cool down period and because outdoors it will help minimize false alerts but indoors that issue is not there. I do like having contact sensors on my windows and doors personally but it is up to you if the benefit outweighs the small added cost.


Yes, I have a motion sensor on the approach to my front door, even though the cam there is also looking for motion. Thing is, leaf shadows or passing clouds can false trigger the pixel-motion camera. When that happens a lot, I use a shortcut to turn off motion sensing on that camera. But my PIR motion sensor keeps plugging along, detecting anyone who approaches.


Agree with @newshound. The PIR works with a wider range and with more accuracy in detecting bodies of any kind instead of just pixel/change motion. I have one PIR covering a patio that it takes two cams to cover visually and miss very little. It will trigger one while the other is in cool down.

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Sorry to rehash this, just got my Wyze camera and sensor kit

I’ve got the camera in the garage detecting motion and its linked to a contact sensor to record when the door opens. I’ve also got a motion sensor in there.

At the moment I seem to get multiple notifications. Camera detects motion, sensor detects motion, garage door open notification.

In the camera setting it has the option to disable camera sensor notification. Will this override the motion sensor? I feel like I’m doubling up but don’t want to get so many notifications. At the moment I get 3 if someone opens the door. But I also don’t want to suppress an action and have it override things by mistake

  1. Contact sensor
  2. Motion sensor
  3. Camera motion alert

Ideally I’d like all motion to be detected by the sensor since really I only want to detect movement in the garage. The camera has the ability to detect people as far I understand now as well.

The contact sensor is really only there to tell me if the garage has been left open since I get a notification when the door opens from the motion sensors now.

Thanks for the input

Turning notifications on or off on a device affects the notifications only , it does not affect any other motion detection or contact sensor settings

Thanks HDRock

So if I turn off motion notifications on the Camera in the app but leave motion notifications ON for the sensor in the app, they should still each work independently but I will ONLY be notified of motion detected by the sensor? Thereby reducing the total number of notifications I get.
Is that correct?

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Yep , that is correct


Thanks that seemed to work in that now I only get notified once

But now when I open the events logs I have double events

7:37am - Garage Camera motion
7:37am - Garage Camera Smart video alert

Both are identical clips of me entering the garage to go to work

Now you can turn motion detection off on the camera , then you will only get smartvideo alert event clips,
and the great thing about that is , using the motion sensor you are not subject to the 5 minute cooldown period like the camera

go to the camera , tap on the gear , tap on event recording , toggle detects motion off