Motion sensor trigger rule help

Can someone help me understand if I’ve done the right thing

I’ve got a detached garage. It can be accessed either from a side door or from the actual garage door.
I’ve got a V2 cam, a motion sensor and a contact sensor in the garage.

At the moment when I come up I get an instant notification that the door is open, then about 10s later a motion sensor alert from the camera. I’ve muted notifications from the motion sensor specifically during certain times.

What I’d like to do is ONLY get a motion sensor alert if the garage door is closed, because it means someone/something has entered through the side door.

I created a rule that says
WHEN - garage door closes
DO - turn on motion detection camera

But I’ve also got two rules
One that mutes all notifications during a 45min window when my wife and I are leaving for work in the morning
One that unmutes ALL notifications between 9pm and 730am in case anything happens in the garage

I feel like these rules may be overlapping and conflicting

What I’m trying to do is minimize alerts (I get so many) without potentially crippling the recording capabilities of the devices.

When I come home, just one alert saying the door opened. Then when it closes everything goes silent unless someone moves in the garage
In the mornings, no alerts while we’re leaving for work
In the night, ALL notifications so that anything that happens in the garage, I know about

You could try keep motion detection off on camera always. Enable smart video recording from the motion sensor to garage camera. When garage door closes turn on notifications for motion sensor and keep the 45 min disable notification rule.

I pretty much get 0 alerts from my garage unless someone is actually in there using the motion sensor to trigger the camera.

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Ok I’ve done what you suggested. All notifications from camera are off. Motion sensor will only send notifications when garage door sensor reads “closed”
Camera is set to no notifications but I have created a rule where IF contact sensor shows closed, TURN ON camera notification

I’m assuming with these rules all events etc will still be recorded if I want to go back and look, I just wont get told about them.

Not exactly. Turn off notifications from camera all the time (IMO opinion the motion sensor is far superior for triggering real alerts and video clips) if you are using CMC then you would want the cameras detection on since CMC doesnt work on sense generated videos atm. When contact sensor is closed turn on notifications from the Wyse sense motion sensor. I find the camera detects too many bugs so my camera detection is off. Events should still record with no notification during muted periods.

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