Missed motion, sensor activity

We have a camera, motion detector and door-sensor in our garage. Over the weekend, we got notifications of motion, a smart-alert, and sensor opening/closing … but there was never a notification of the person who left coming back. In the meantime, we got motion notifications (of bugs flying in front of the camera), and I could check the live view in the garage and in the hall inside the house, but there was never even a delayed notification that the person who left the house actually opened and closed the door to return and walked through the garage. The camera was working throughout this time, but those notifications were missed. I only knew it, because we were watching a kid come and go, but I have noticed it happens off and on that a grouping of notifications that should come just don’t. I didn’t need video recording, but I did want the simple notification. Thoughts?

Get a quality, endurance SD card 32MB and record continuously.
If a motion (like a flying moth) sets off the 12 sec “record to the cloud” event that camera will not record an event to the cloud again for 5 minutes.
/edit - whoops - meant 32GB


Just to help me clarify things in my mind, would you expect these notifications in this order for someone returning to the house through the garage?

  1. Person opens door to garage, closes it behind them.
    • Door sensor open/close notification
  2. Person crosses garage toward house.
    • Motion sensor detects motion (triggers camera smart alert, and sends notification?).
    • Camera detects motion, sends event.

If this is how you expect it to work, there are a couple times you may not get a notification:

  • If person leaves garage but returns before the motion sensor clears (30 seconds) it will not trigger a new motion event or smart alert. It would instead report motion detected for x minutes.
  • If person left garage door open when leaving and closed behind them on return, you would get a single Open notification with a duration of x minutes rather than 2 separate notifications.
  • If the camera detected motion (bugs), it would not record an event until the 5-minute cooldown expired (unless the motion sensor detected motion, then you’d get a smart alert).
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