Motion detection sporadic

I am not getting motion detection on my cameras …well I am sporadic at best. I have checked all of the cameras detection and bumped them all up to around 85%…I had someone walk up my driveway direct view of the cam…when they were around 60% and nothing … yet earlier a vehicle had gone by and it caught that.
I left and went out to the vehicle saw the camera tracking me…however no recorded event…
should I shut down all the cameras and restart them…
At a loss on on what to do …
yep have the latest upgrade too

I find motion detection unreliable.
My Pan camera “saw” a squirrel within 10 feet of it but doesn’t detect people walking up the driveway 30 feet away.

maybe there’s some kind of time delay or lapse…it will catch a limb blowing…and record that…but a person walking infront of my house …it’s oblivious to it…I’ll even see them tagged in the green box…was kind of hoping to get a bit of a tecky layman explanation from the team…

there is a time delay between notifications (the 12 second clips), but only notifications, not events recorded to the SD card . do you currently have an SD card in?

I tell people there are 2 types of recordings. you have the 12 second clips that are sent to the cloud. they are only in the cloud and are also the ones that give you notifications.

the 2nd type of recording is when you have an SD card in. this records in one minute increments as long as it detects motion.

so if you aren’t using an sd card you will only see the 12 second clips and after that twelve seconds the camera wont record or notify you of anything for 5 minutes.

the Sd card is used for record on event or continuous recording ( at your option) without the SD card you will only have the 12 second clips.

what type of recording are you doing?

I think the key thing in what @bam describes is the five minute timeout. To reiterate, after each 12-second event clip, there’s a five minute timeout before the next one occur for that trigger (motion/sound/smoke/CO).

So if a tree branch moves and causes an event, you will not get an event triggered when a person walks by within the next five minutes.

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Not using an SD card in any of the Camera’s as of yet…that was what I was looking for on cloud recording…there is a 5 minute delay after a session has been recorded to the cloud…I will order some SD cards for the cams giving me a better sense of the real time…

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If there is an SD Card in the unit…will there still be notifications pushed on each of the 1 minute clips?

No, push notifications do not occur as the result of anything that happens on the SD card recording. They are only for the 12-second event clips.

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Thanks Loki for the Timely Response … Seeing as I have not put in the SD Cards as of yet…I would like to know is it possible to send the 1 minute clips via email or would the Card need to be removed from the cam and put into the laptop…or computer? On a side note you’re pseudonym is the same name of our cat…who keeps knocking over one of window cams…

Yup, the Norse god of mischief. But no, I’m not a cat. :slight_smile: I do have two friends with dogs of that name.

There is no way to automatically email clips (neither 12 second events nor SD card minutes). However, it can be done manually, either by removing the card from the camera and pulling the 1-minute files off on a computer. Or you can:

  1. View Playback from the live stream view
  2. While streaming the SD card playback, tap the Record button. (Hint, use a pinch-out gesture on the timeline to zoom in for finer time control.)
  3. When you’ve got what you want to email recorded (doesn’t have to be an even minute), tap Stop.
  4. Tap Album.
  5. You will see the recorded video in the Wyze album; tap it to play.
  6. From this playback screen, tap the share button which will allow you to email it or share in any other manner your phone OS allows.
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Great suggestions here Loki…once that process has been done…can a person erase per-say what is on the card with out removing it…

You can erase the album videos from the app by tapping the Edit button.

You can only erase what’s on the card by formatting the card. This can be done in the app’s card settings area.