Inconsistent Motion Event Alerting

I have been testing out a V2 for about a week and seem to get inconsistent results with motion alerts (I have motion detection set to on, the sensitivity at medium (49), and the alert schedule set to “All day”). I do have an SD card installed, local recording turned on, and set to “Record events only”.

In some cases I have motion activity captured on the SD card that never generated notifications (either a notification sent out or a motion alert noted on the notifications screen).

Is anyone else having challenges with inconsistent motion event alerting?

Are you aware that once a motion alert (to the cloud) is triggered, there is a five minute timeout before another one can occur? Could that be the reason you seem to be missing some? (There is no such limit for SD card events.)

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Yes, I am aware o the five minute timeout. I double checked and that would not have been in play for the missed event I noticed this morning.

Hi, please keep this topic on the thread that was started. It sounds like you might want to either start a new topic or contact support directly for your specific issue. Thank you.

Attached is an example from this morning. Note the two motion events that were recorded to the local SD card that had no corresponding notification event/clip generated.


If you search the forum, there’s plenty of discussion of this issue along with plenty of suggestions for solutions.

Not likely, but it might be there if you refresh (pull down) the Notifications page.

More likely has to do with the sensitivity setting. Little known fact: the SD card event sensitivity is fixed and not affected by the setting for Alerts. So it’s possible that the user-set sensitivity for Alerts causes the app to disregard a motion for Alert (cloud) purposes but to still capture it for the SD card.

Thank you for the insight on the sensitivity settings. I will assess setting the sensitivity to the highest and monitor to see if the same situation occurs.

I am seeing the opposite… Sometimes I get an indication of recording on the timeline, but nothing there… It is almost as if the timeline is not synced to the actual motion… Given that the SD card motion detection is not connected to the motion sensitivity settings, I might need to rethink that hypothesis. It sure would be nice if when I put the cursor on the timeline, in a spot with no recording, it moved itself forward to the next event…

On the timeline, when the end of an event is reached, it does automatically skip to the next event. I agree it should also do so if you start at a non-recorded time.

The SD card event recording works like this… each one minute interval (from xx:yy:00 to xx:yy:59 on the clock) is evaluated for motion. If there is motion, the whole minutes is saved. If not, the minute is discarded. Therefore, when you’re reviewing the timeline motion events, you need to watch the entire minute to see where the motion occurred. The motion that caused the minute to be saved may have occurred only in the last second or two of the minute.

Thank you! That answers so much, like why motion could be anywhere within the recording. I had erroneously assumed that the recording of motion detection and saving process worked as follows:

  1. A continuous recording is made to a buffer, either on the SD Card, or within the camera itself.
  2. When motion is detected the section beginning X seconds prior to motion, and Y seconds post motion were moved from the buffer to active storage for use on the timeline.
  3. The timeline would then present to the user only X seconds prior to motion, and Y seconds after motion on the timeline.
I was beginning to notice the one minute minimum length on the timeline, I assumed it was an aspect of the timeline programming, not the motion capture programming. I must say, it is so good to be able to interface with folks that share this sort of information. Thank you again!

You’re welcome.

If you expand the timeline (pinch-out gesture) and look carefully you will be able to see that every captured motion segment starts and ends at xx:00 seconds, never in the middle of a minute.

If you pull the card from the camera, you will see that this corresponds to the file structure: there is a folder for each date. Within that, a folder for each hour. And within those, a video file for each minute.

I have another camera arriving Monday, I think I’ll pull the SD card after setup, and see if those files can be played by anything on my Debian system… Without getting too far off topic, it would be so nice to have a web server on the camera to access the SD card… :slight_smile: