Person detected walking into an area, but not walking out 10 minutes later

How is it possible that a person is seen , detected walking into an area ( walking into the house, or into a room) and the camera never sees that person coming out 10 minutes later.
I would understand if walking out occurred 1 or 2 minutes later , as there may be a delay for the next defections as I have seen on other brands. BUT 10 MINUTES? This lack or recording happens on a regular basis.

Without CamPlus service the “cooldown” blocking period for most Wyze cameras is 5 minutes. I have seen it vary.

Do you have a uSD card installed? If so, can you look at the uSD card recordings to determine if the camera did or did not detect the person? that would help determine if the issue is the camera or the cloud cooldown period. It would also allow you to tell exactly how long of a time period it was.

I don’t think this is anything new. I’ve severely disappointed at the subscription service that I won’t be renewing after the year is up. I’ve had delivery trucks pull up, drivers walk to my door and walk back with no alerts (not even motion). And then 5 min later, someone walking their dog gets picked up and alerted. And yes, I’ve researched the video from the SD card and it just fails to pick up any motion at all. I’ve tried everything and it’s just not worth it if it only works half the time (who even knows it’s half the time).

Software and hardware need to work together. If hardware indeed needs a cooldown period, you’re limiting what your software can do, regardless of what bells and whistles you build out.

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There is no hardware cooldown. The camera is never supposed to miss anything if you are recording continuously to SD card.

Well, I just drove into my driveway and no alerts. Reviewing footage on my SD card (yes, it’s continuous recording), I’m clearly there but nothing was flagged. Lol.:man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve experienced the issue with v3 and also on my older v2s.

My guess is that any and all of the motion etc detection is done 100% in the cloud and nothing is done on device. It simply times out with the cloud connection. I’ve had connection errors while my internet continues to be working.


Not sure what you mean by flagged. The SD recordings have NO concept of person detection or other AI. They are simply either (A) continuous recordings or (b) motion recordings.

Yeah, sorry. I meant when I go to events, there’s nothing.

With respect to the SD card recording, I was trying to say the recording is there on my SD card. I can replay the video and see myself drive in etc but there is no events when you look at events. In other words, my camera was on and recording but there are no motion events even though there clearly is when I review the footage manually.

Okay. They are completely separate. "Events* get recorded to cloud servers ONLY. They are 12 seconds without CamPlus or duration of motion with CamPlus.

SD recordings go to SD card only. They often will be duplicates of cloud Events but they are only accessed via the Playback function when viewing a camera - not via the Events tab. Your options for SD recording are continuous or motion activated. No time limits apply.

The two kinds of recordings coexist and are controlled separately.

Ok…I don’t want to keep going on this topic but make it perfectly clear here.

  1. I have continuous recording to SD card. I can view in this recording, for eg., My car driving up and people coming out of my car. This proves that the camera is definitely recording without issues.

  2. When I go to the events tab, I should expect an event there for the motion and person. I do not see anything there and as such I also did not get an alert that a person was there or any motion event happened.

This is all I am trying to say. It doesn’t make sense that I have a full recording of the day with many scenarios that should show up on the events tab for motion or person, but it’s missing many of them.

Maybe you’re saying the same thing.

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