Motion events not recording

My cameras will show shadows, birds, cars driving past but when the UPS delivery truck pulls right up and the guy walks right past my camera and I get no events triggered. I would love to share that video clip with Wyze but there is not an event 12 second clip to share.

Possibly the camera is detecting the delivery truck first

Cool Down Period

When a Sound or Motion triggers a 12-second Event Video there is a 5 minute cool down period. Sound and Motion are separate triggers. So if a sound triggers an Event Video it will have a 5-minute cooldown, but if something then triggers via motion, during that time period it will also trigger an Event Video. Then there will be a separate 5-minute cooldown period for another motion-triggered video.

Does this mean no SD recording during the cool down period, if only SD event-recording is enabled? If so, I better turn on live recording.

No cool down period for SD card recording, it will record 1 min clips as long as there is motion

There are three kinds of recording available in the app:

  1. Cloud motion/sound event: These are enabled in the camera settings (gear icon) > Event Recording. Also make sure that the Detection Zone under Detection Settings is not missing the area of motion. These are played back in the Events tab.
  2. microSD card recording: This is enabled in Advanced Settings > Local Storage and can be set to continuous or event only recording. This is played back by pressing the View Playback button on the live stream. This is completely independent from #1.
  3. Record button on live stream or playback: This saves to your phone’s camera roll or gallery, in real time, whatever is being played in the live stream or view playback. Note that it isn’t available when playing cloud events. It is viewed by tapping More and then the Album button, or by leaving the Wyze app and viewing the Wyze album in your phone’s photos or gallery app. This type of recording ceases when you leave the Wyze app.

More info on setting these up can be found in the Support Site.

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If you want to record every motion event, or record continuously, you need to put a Micro-SD card into the camera. The UPS guy likely doesn’t trigger it for cloud recordings because you already had a motion event at some point in the preceding 5 minutes.

I know that the Wyze team is aware of the fact that a lot of customers want a way to make person-detection motion events get triggered separately from, and treated differently than other motion events. I suspect they’re looking into a solution, but that’s probably easier said than done, since person-detection does not occur on the camera itself, but in the cloud. (EDIT: Apparently I'm completely wrong. It happens on the firmware, as @Jason21271 mentions a few posts down. Disregard my incoherent ramblings.) The purpose of the 5-minute cooldown period is so that they can afford to give customers free cloud storage. (And so that it doesn’t kill your own bandwidth, too.) That means that motion events that occur DURING the cooldown period never get transmitted over the internet at all. In order to prioritize person detection, that would probably have to change, although there are probably ways to meet in the middle. (Maybe just a few stillframeas from each motion event get uploaded during the cooldown period, for example)

@rab05 welcome to the community!!!

You might have success with creating detection zones - and/or adjusting the detection sensitivity, both instructions can be found here:

as @nerdland mentions, it would probably be a good idea to get an sd card to cover any events that happen during the cool down - i would caution to get either the Wyze card, or an sd card that is an “endurance” model, they are different than regular sd cards and are made for this type of use case scenario. Below is a link to Samsung Pro Endurance cards that are built for this high demand video recording, I am currently using the 128GB with no issues - disclaimer - only cards up to 32GB are officially supported by Wyze Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB Micro SDXC Card with Adapter - 100MB/s…

If i am not mistaken the person detection is done on the camera itself as it is built into the firmware.


I might be mistaken, but person detection is probably too much for the camera’s cpu to do. Motion maybe, but person detection?

This is a quote taken from the link below:

Wyze’s Person Detection works by utilizing Edge AI code built into Wyze Cam’s firmware. Wyze’s Edge AI is powered by, and utilizes a machine-learning algorithm to determine whether frames within a motion event video clip contain a person. Since Edge AI operates from Wyze Cam’s firmware, there is no communication with the cloud in terms of determining whether a person is present.


MOTION detection is built into the firmware. but I’d be really surprised if PERSON detection is.

When you enable it in the app, the separate “Wyze Service” section seems to suggest that you’re granting access for a third-party integration. (Similar to something like Facebook Connect, where you’re have to confirm that you’re okay with letting a third party access your data.) In this case, the third party is

The UX didn’t seem SUPER clear about that, but that was the general vibe I got.

Activating it through the “Wyze Service” screen gave me the sense that, in the future, you might see several tools in that section that can be integrated with Wyze, but are provided by third parties. Maybe eventually, they’ll even open up an API for the geeks among us to contribute tools of our own!

Oh! Wow! Okay, I wasn’t expecting that! Thanks for the link.

If that’s the case, I’m surprised they aren’t doing a better job with person detection during the cooldown period, for those of us who have a Micro-SD in the camera.

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I think they are looking into different ways, but currently it depends on the motion detection being triggered and once it is triggered it wont trigger for 5 more minutes, therefore person detection wont run for 5 minutes.

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But that’s not exactly true either. EVENTS, to use Wyze’s nomenclature, won’t trigger for another 5 minutes. But motion detection absolutely does. If you set your SD card to record only motion (as opposed to continuous recording) it will continue to save 60-second clips during any minute in which motion occurs, whether you’re in a cooldown period or not.

That’s why I assumed the person detection was happening outside of the camera. Otherwise, the limitation seems fairly artificial. I guess it’s just not fully-formed yet, but I hope they’ll prioritize that. I assumed there were more challenging reasons it wasn’t happening, but I guess it’s literally just that they haven’t gotten around to it. Haha.

You are correct, I did forget about that, but currently it is tied to whatever part of the programming that sends the clip to the cloud, it only runs on that clip, I am no programmer so I don’t know what it would take to make it trigger on any motion to card also. My guess is that it is associated to the cloud because not everyone uses a card, but that is just me guessing at this point.

Correct you can’t record from event clips but you can download or share them
I,m posting this for the OP’s benefit

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@nerdland and @WyzeJasonJ I had those same thoughts awhile ago. I’m hoping that because person is done on the camera they would also be able to incorporate it into the smart detection done by the sensor videos as well. one reason that popped into my head as to why its done on the clips and no other recordings is because of the current nature of the notification system and that system using ONLY the cloud for said notifications. but its just a thought. @WyzeJasonJ if they found a way to change the notifications to happen locally as i mentioned in the maven forum the other day I think they would be able to incorporate all these changes far easier along with person detection :upside_down_face:

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