Question: Motion Sensor (Not Camera) for Event Trigger

Hi. I don’t want my camera to record unless my motion sensor detects motion (NOT THE CAMERA’S BUILT IN MOTION DETECTION. I ONLY WANT IT TO RECORD WHEN THE SEPARATE MOTION SENSOR DETECTS MOTION). Just got the starter kit so hope I’m using the correct terminology. Let me elaborate:

I am in corporate housing. I don’t care that cleaners and maintenance staff are in and out of the unit. I really don’t want to monitor them either (or myself for that matter). But I have a camera underneath my TV pointing into the living room. Underneath the TV in the drawer, I will put passport, legal docs, crypto hardwallet, etc. The bigger ticket items. I also put a separate motion sensor in the drawer facing up so it can detect when that drawer is opened. I really don’t want to record anything unless that drawer is open. I’m a bachelor with two suitcases to my name. I really could lose everything and wouldn’t care. I just want the drawer of more sentimental and higher value items monitored. Hence, I only want the camera to deter theft from a small portion of my house, and only record events when the drawer is opened.

Alternatively, if this is not possible, is there a way to turn event detection on the camera to just Mon - Fri when I’m away for work and other folks are inside my unit. I’ve set it to detect from 9 - 7 pm currently, but I’m currently an event that its recording right now, and I don’t need that much detection, especially when I’m usually home at these times on the weeknd. I don’t want to have a camera facing the entrance, especially if the goods are really only in one drawer. Want to make the cleaners feel as comfortable as possible, while protecting my assets.

Third and lastly, understanding my situation, is there anything else you would recommend. Been reading posts on here and you guys sound pretty advanced with this. Lemme know if there’s a better way to rejig my place.

Any feedback greatly appreciated. Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!

you can link the sensors to the camera and turn off the cameras own detection system. by doing that your camera will only notify and record when the linked sensor is tripped.

go into the sensor you want to use, click the gear on the top right, click the notifications area for when you want the sensor to alert you ( there are a few options) then back out of that and go to sensor videos, click the camera you want to link it to…

test it…and if it works when you trip the sensor, you are golden.


Like Bam said.
Plus if you want the option to schedule days of the week, you could get a smart plug.
I have my Pan Cam plugged into a Kasa Smart Plug and I can schedule it to turn on/off for any day I wish.

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for scheduling day of the week you can use shortcuts on the camera as well and just automate them.

Also, explore a link between your motion detector and a phone call to you using IFTTT (If this, then that). IFTTT is an app. It isn’t fullproof … but when it works, it’s golden. Lots of info on here how to hook the two together.

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Hey! Thanks everyone for your tips! EXACTLY what I was looking for. I got the camera set up using the gear option on the sensor screen. That way, I’m day/time agnostic now. There’s really no reason to open the drawer full of more valuable items so having the camera pointed right at it is best. However, food for thought + I took a quick look at the IFTTT website and am going to look at it with my brother-in-law.

Thank you!!

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