Rule Trigger On Camera "Has Been Clear For" / No Motion Detected For

It is nice how you can have a shortcut automate based on the MOTION SENSOR being clear for a certain amount of time. It should be nice if the CAMS could have a similar trigger such as no events being detected for a certain amount of time. Or even no person detected for a certain amount of time

I’d like to vote this up as well. I just bought 3 more Motions so I can use my bulbs in this way, even though the bulbs are in rooms with Cams. I don’t mind the $6 each but I’ve got a lot of clutter going on now with Cams AND Motions in the same room.


I am all in favor of this. I would love for the cameras to see us and turn on lightbulbs /devices BUT when we leave the room I would like them to turn them off. We already have cameras all over and some motion detectors where we do not have cameras having to double up (put a motion detector and a camera) in a room seems unnecessary.

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Since IFTTT has no way to introduce a delay we definitely need this and it sure seems like it would take about ten minutes to copy that code over from the motion sensor. Seems silly that I have to put a motion sensor right beside a cam to make lights turn off ten minutes after motion clears.


Yeah it’s a real pain that the Cam motion-sensor can be used to turn lights on when there is motion, but there doesn’t seem to be a “no motion/motion clear” trigger for the Cam to set a rule for turning off the lights… Is this in the works, or pure wish list right now, does anyone know?

I bought a bunch of Wyze Cams and Bulbs and set the bulbs to turn on based on cam motion, but now it’s driving my family crazy because there’s no way to set the bulbs to turn off other than based on time, which means that, say, while we’re in the middle of dinner all of the kitchen lights shut down based on whatever time limit I’ve set in the Rules, and we’re in darkness until the motioned-sense Rule kicks back in and flips everything on again. Repeat. It’s like living in a nightmare haha.

Now my wife wants me to switch back to regular bulbs because it’s easier to just use the old fashioned light switch, since the Cam motion sense lacks a no-motion trigger and she also doesn’t like shouting at Alexa all day to turn things on and off (which is why I’d set the lights-on-with-motion triggers to begin with, to avoid having to depend on vocal commands).

That coupled with the upcoming (temporary, but for how long) removal of “person detection” and the Cam’s motion-sensors’ habit of turning themselves back on because they sense their own turning off of lights (based on time rules) as being motion that triggers the lights to turn back on — which is only avoidable if you use person-detection instead of just the basic motion-detection … Makes me think that putting Wyze Sense in every room might be the only way to fix this. But mounting more sensors in rooms where I already have motion-sensing Cams seems quite redundant.


You and your wife will probably be much happier if you get the Sense Kit and use the motion detector that comes with that. The camera’s motion detection trigger in the rules is actually based on when a motion detection video event is uploaded. It’s not based on motion itself. That means it won’t trigger until at least 12 seconds after the motion event, and it’s also subject to the 5-minute cooldown period, unless you’re using Complete Motion Capture. Anyway, if you’re trying to use it that way, you’re bound to be frustrated. I don’t blame you. It’s not really intended for that.

The Wyze Sense motion detector will let you trigger things immediately based on motion, and there’s a “motion clear for X time” trigger as well.

Thanks for the advice, that’s all great to know!

I’ve actually got Micro SD cards in all the cams, which thankfully seems to remove the cool down period without needing the subscription service — although I sometimes run into motion-detection delays with the cams, most of the time motion is picked up within 1-10 seconds, under 5 seconds on average, with no apparent cool down (actually I’d like to see a cool-down option of sorts in Rules as well, like Alexa Routine’s “Wait X amount of time” between routine steps option; that could help with avoiding conflicting/cascading events).

So for using as a trigger to turn lights on it’s quite effective… Not quite as fast as the dedicated Ring motion sensors I’ve got in some rooms that don’t have cams, but very decent… It’s just the lack of a “no motion detected” setting in the rules that undercuts its usefulness as a light trigger, IMHO, since it’s pretty great at turning lights on but then there’s no way to tell the lights when to turn off outside of arbitrary time-based rules…

I’ll probably give Wyze Sense another look too though, now that it sounds like Wyze Sense integration with Alexa routines is getting sorted out — hopefully the cam motion-sense rules are likewise Alexa-integrated too, and eventually upgraded with a “no motion detected / motion clear” option, so everything can play together nicely :slight_smile:

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Create new trigger for cams when they stop detecting motion so that other things can shut off


I am using 3 Wyze cameras to monitor 3D printers. So a trigger when it detects that motion has STOPPED would be incredibly useful: whether the job completed, or had a problem, I’d get a notification. It wouldn’t need much of a sensing delay: no motion in 30 seconds would cover it.


This! I just set up a wyze cam for this exact purpose, and a Google search brought me here so I can up vote this feature. Lol.

Yes, additional rule functionality is needed!

Please add duration-defined actions (i.e, if Cam 1 detects a person, turn on Plug 1 for nn minutes (and then turn off).

Please add a rule trigger option to be another rule triggering (i.e. if Cam 1 detects a person, wait nn minutes and then turn off Plug 1.

I like the notion of this, but, if the camera detecting motion being clear, is also the camera triggering the light to come on, AND is capturing the area that is lighted, might the change of the light going off, trigger a motion event detected by the camera, likely turning the same light back on, and creating an endless loop?

You currently have motion detection within your cameras for security purposes, now my idea for myself and all my fellow 3D printers out there using your cameras is to have something completely opposite! So while there is motion/movement in the ‘viewing field’ everything is fine, but as soon as there is no more motion detected (the printer stops when the print is complete) it’s sends a notification through the app on your phone saying the motion has stopped.

That’s the idea from me and many others like me.

I have added the spotlight add-on to my V3’s in front of my house. When person detection is triggered it activates, pretty much like a motion spotlight. Would like for them to deactivate when the cams no longer detect people after some time has passed.


Plus 1 for thus, should be easy to achieve on the camera

Add a timer, WYZE folks, similar to Outdoor Plug perhaps.

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I was totally looking for that feature until I figured it didn’t exist.

I have a regular flood light that is connected to a wyze smart power plug which can be turned on manually. Having a detection for no motion for X amount of minutes would allow me to turn off the light if someone forgets to turn it off.