Camera motion to trigger light- light triggers the motion

I am using a Wyze camera to detect motion in a garage and turn on a light. A rule activates a Wyze plug (upon motion detected from the camera) which powers a light. Another rule turns off the light after 5 minutes. The action of turning off the light triggers motion and turns the light back on. What am I missing here? I have tried adjusting the Motion Detection Settings but have not landed on a balance between camera motion picking up movement to activate the light but being so low that the light does not activate the motion sensor in the camera, Perhaps changing the rule to turn off the light at 4 minutes will be within the cool down period and motion won’t activate the light again? I don’t love this as my preference is to have the light on longer than that. (more like 10 min) Any suggestions?

Do you have CamPlus or CamPlus Lite? Try person detection instead of just motion.

I have CamPlus on a different camera but not this one in the garage.

Ignore my suggestion…person detection isn’t a trigger for CamPlus Lite. Best solution is a motion sensor or use Alexa to turn on the light using person detection from CamPlus Lite.

Sample Alexa routine:

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Thanks for the follow up. I misplaced the original motion sensor that came with my sensor pack a couple years ago, And I see that the new motion sensors require the hub. I think that would surpass the cost versus benefit formula. Ha! The 4 minute duration of the light (using the camera sensor) has actually been working fairly well. That’s enough time to get from the car to the inside and vice versa. Not perfect but perhaps good enough.
Thanks again.